Get Luxury Vacuum Cleaners for Large & Small Apartments Without Luxury Prices

Get Luxury Vacuum Cleaners for Large & Small Apartments Without Luxury Prices

Your cozy apartment will not be cozy anymore if it is invaded by dust and pollen. So, an apartment vacuum cleaner is gonna be a MUST to keep your apartment as comfortable as a heave or an oasis.

Let's be honest. No one like cleaning (yeah, it's me😜). That's why I will share some cordless vacuum cleaners as well as the smart robot vacuum for you here!

No matter you have a small or large apartment, a studio apartment or a condo, 1-bedroom or 2- or 3-bedroom apartment, you are a renter or a dweller, you will get the best vacuum cleaners for your apartment here.

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#1. Beginners' Guide to Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment
#2. Best Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment: Comparison Chart
#3. Top Picks of Vacuum Cleaners for Small & Large Apartment

#1. Beginners' Guide to Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment

Don't pick the best vacuum cleaner for your small apartment or large house randomly. Get the one in the below logic.

1. Go Cordless, Go Effortless

If you live in a smallish apartment, a corded hoover is not the right one as it will take up too much space and the wires will wander in your house during your cleaning.

Thus, that's why a cord-free vacuum cleaner comes in hand. Cordless means no wires and no cords to deal with. So, you won't be trapped by the troublesome cables.

Another outstanding feature of cordless hoover is the portability and flexibility. You will be limited by the length of the cable when you clean with the corded vac.

But that's not a problem for cordless vac anymore.

Just take the portable cordless vacuum cleaner anywhere you like for easy cleaning, from living room to bedroom, kitchen to storage room, upstairs to downstairs, home to garage.

2. Battery Life

The runtime is one of the biggest concerns for a battery vacuum cleaner. For a small condo, get a cordless vac with at least 20 minutes, or a robot vacuum with at least 60 minutes.

If you live in a medium or a large apartment (like a 1,100 sq. ft apartment), get a rechargeable vacuum cleaner that runs around 40 minutes and a robot vac that supports at least 120 minutes.

3. Versatility

It is really essential to get a vacuum cleaner that can deal with all surfaces – carpets, bare floors (regardless hardwood, marble, tile, etc.), sofas, beds, windows, stairs, rugs, etc.

That's why you need a versatile vacuum that comes with multiple attachments for cleaning different surfaces.

Take Lubluelu 006 as an example. It offers 3 different attachments, including the extra-large tangle-free brush, the soft brush (the upholstery brush) and the crevice tool.

With 3 attachments, you are able to clean just anywhere at your home, from hardwood & carpet floors, rugs or laminate floors, beds to sofas.

4. Filter Type

The filtration system is one of the most vital parts in a vacuum cleaner. HEPA filters are currently the most effective and efficient filter type to remove dirt and germs.

Unlike those bagged vacuum cleaners that need disposable bags to collect the dirt, bagless vacuum cleaners typically adopt HEPA filters to trap and filter the rubbish without leaking back into the air.

Hence, do get a HEPA vacuum cleaner when you are looking for an apartment vac.

5. Suction Power

You may see some editors or brands put the suction power feature in the top priority. But, I put it in the last place. It doesn't mean the suction power is not important.

Still, it is still an indispensable feature when you select a vacuum cleaner as an apartment dweller.

Nowadays, most vacuum cleaner manufacturers have sufficient suction power to suck up pet hair/dander, long human hair, debris, pollen, dust mites and other large and ultrafine particles and dirt.

For a home vacuum cleaner, find one with at least 10 kPa suction power. For a robot vacuum with HEPA filter, get one with around 2,000 Pa suction power.

#2. Best Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment: Comparison Chart

No matter you are looking for a small-form vacuum for your large and small apartment, and no matter what dirt you wanna clean – dog/cat hair, human hair, regular dust, and no matter what budget you have, you will get the best vacuum cleaner in the below table.

Also, read on for the detailed reviews of each vacuum under the table.

Product Name

Product Image

Editor's Review


Suction Power

Filter Type

Tailored for Surfaces


Lubluelu 202

Best Overall

Up to 50 Minutes

Up to 25 kPa


All Surfaces

Check on Official Online Store

Check on Amazon

Lubluelu 006

Best for Pet Hair

Up to 50 Minutes

Up to 25 kPa


All Surfaces

Check on Official Online Store

Check on Amazon

Lubluelu 008

Best Budget

Up to 40 Minutes

Up to 15 kPa


All Surfaces

Check on Official Online Store

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Lubluelu SG60

Best Auto Robot

Up to 130 Minutes

2,700 Pa


Floors & Undercoat Carpets

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#3. Our Top Picks of Good Vacuum Cleaners for Small & Large Apartment

The below vacuum cleaner recommendations are ideal for carpets, floors of large apartment and small flat. You can find the best one on every budget.

1. Lubluelu 202: World's #1 Self-Cleaning Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Small & Large Apartment

Lubluelu 202, an Amazon's Choice product, has received several hundreds of reviews and feedback from customers.

It is rated as the best cordless vacuum cleaner in the market by nearly 1 thousand customers globally.

If you want a vacuum cleaner without wall mount, go get it. It can stand on the floor by itself without screws and no drilling. So, you don't need to find a corner to fix the wall mount on the wall to place the vacuum.

It has 3 suction modes for your choice: the minimum (10 kPa suction power), the medium (17 kPa suction power) and maximum (25 kPa) suction modes. You can use the minimum and medium mode for routine cleaning and switch to the maximum mode for cleaning stubborn dirt inside carpets and rugs.

The rechargeable battery works up to 50 minutes with one single charge, so you can clean your flat – regardless a large house or a 600 sq. ft. small Manhattan apartment, without recharging.

The 4-layer HEPA filtration system filters up to 99.99% of particles and traps all dirt inside the point-and-shoot dustbin, so you can clean the dirt easily.

The included 3 attachments are ideal for cleaning different surfaces. You may turn this stick vacuum into a handheld vac when you change the big roller brush with the soft brush or the crevice tool.

2. Lubluelu 006: Best Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners of Your Apartment

Lubluelu 006, People Magazine's Choice, is currently the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It features a large and tangle-free roller brush, which prevents the pet hair and long human hair from tangling the brush, saving your time on cleaning the brush.

Two suction modes, including the maximum (25 kPa suction power) and minimum (12 kPa suction power) modes, enable you to clean different dirt based on your needs.

The rechargeable battery, with the power-saving technology, works up to 50 minutes in one charge so you can clean a flat with 1,000 ft2 – 2,000 ft2 area. Hence, even your apartment is a 3-bedroom large flat or a 1-bedroom apartment, you can clean it with one single charge.

3 included attachments are perfect for all surface cleaning, such as woven throw rugs, hardwood/carpet floors with dogs and cats, high pile carpets, old short carpets, or mix of hardwood floors and carpets.

3. Lubluelu 008: Best Budget-Friendly Cordless Hoover for Smallish and Large Flat

If you are looking for an apartment vacuum on college budget, Lubluelu 008 is the best option.

Its affordability doesn't mean low quality. Lubluelu aims to bring customers with the best products. This bang-for-your-buck vacuum can remove just all dirt on your carpets, floors, sofas, couches, etc. with 3 attachments.

After you have fully charged this electronic broom, the vac works up to 40 minutes when set in the minimum suction power, which is able to clean a 1,076 ft2 – 1,292 ft2 apartment.

The 5-layer HEPA filtration system filters dust mites, fleas, pollen, pet hair & dander and seals the dirt inside the dustbin without leaking. All you need to do is pressing the button on the dustbin and the rubbish will drop directly.

If you want a budget vacuum cleaner under $100 & $200, Lubluelu 008 is gonna be the best and most high-quality choice.

4. Lubluelu SG60: Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Small & Large Apartment

This robot vac is one of the best options among gyroscopic robot vacuums. The smart navigation technology scans your whole house and cleans your apartment in a zig-zag way, which ensures all dirt can be picked up by the robot.

SG60 robot is suitable for cleaning floors and short carpets. It will increase its suction power to the maximum (up to 2,700 Pa) when it identifies the carpets or rugs.

This little robot cleans your home with up to 1,400 ft2 with one single charge (works up to 130 minutes) so you don't need to worry about that it will stop in the middle of the cleaning.

When you connect SG60 to your home WiFi, you can control it remotely via your smartphone app. One click on the app and it will start cleaning automatically.

If your home apartment doesn't have Internet connection, this robot can still work perfectly. Press the power button on the device and it will clean your home instantly. You can also control your robot vacuum without WiFi via the included remote control.

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