Battery Vacuum Cleaners: Top 2 Picks and Best Tips to Extend Battery Life

Battery Vacuum Cleaners: Top 2 Picks and Best Tips to Extend Battery Life

Battery vacuum cleaners are the best cleaning solution for a lazy person like me.😊 It is also the easiest and most portable vac for apartment living, Airbnb, office, home, stairs, garden, room-to-room cleaning – just every corner and every surface.

The advantages of battery powered cordless vacuum cleaners are apparent. The only downside is the battery life. Luckily, I have figured out 100% effective and workable ways to extend the battery life, making battery hoovers the best opiton for cleaning.

"Battery" Your Cleaning Way:

Part 1. Best Battery-Operated Vacuum Cleaners for Home, Car & Office

The recommended battery powered vacuum cleaners are al rechargeable, portable and easy-to-operate. They are ideal for car, office, home, apartment and able to remove all dirt, like pet fur/dander, long human hair, dust, debris, coffee beans, etc.

You are able to run these battery-charged vacuum cleaners easily and clean ceiling, hardwood/tile floors, carpets, sofas, beds.

1. Lubluelu 202 – Best Rechargeable Battery-Operated Portable Vacuum Cleaner

202 is a 2-in-1 or 3-in1 stick and handheld battery-operated vacuum cleaner. 3 in 1 means that the vac comes with 3 types of attachments – the super wide-angle floor brush, the soft brush and the long suction nozzle. 2 in 1 represents the hoover is a stick or handheld type when attached different brushes.

For example, when you put on the soft brush or the long suction nozzle to the motor, you can change the vac into a small portable battery-operated vacuum cleaner to clean car, debris, computer and other dedicated surfaces.

After fully charged, this upright battery vacuum cleaner works up to 50 minutes, when you connect the long suction nozzle to the motor and adjust the motor to the minimum speed.

Watch the video below to get more features of the battery vacuum with powerful suction.

If you wanna extend the battery life, add an spare battery to double the runtime of the hoover. The battery is rechargeable, so there is zero waste and zero carbon emisssion without damaging the planet.

This floor and carpet vacuum cleaner is also lightweight so you may lift it easily to clean the ceiling or move it upstairs to clean your second floor or third floor.

2. Lubluelu 008: Best Cordless Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

This powerful battery vacuum cleaner is also a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 type for all home cleaning. You may turn it into a compact mini hoover by attaching the soft brush to it, and use it to clean your car, sofa, long-hair carpet, bed, mattress, etc.

When you adjust the lithium-ion battery vacuum cleaner to the minimum speed and use the long suction nozzle, the battery life of this vac works up to 40 minutes with one single charge. When in maximum power mode, it works up to 20 mintues.

It is easy to double or even triple the battery life of the battery upright vacuum cleaner by purchasing extra spare batteries. When the first battery runs out of power, simply change another one for non-stop cleaning.

Regarless Lubluelu 202 or 008, they are all powerful all-in-one vacuum cleaners options to meet every cleaning need. To extend the battery life, the easiest way is to add spare batteries or change the brush attachment and/or the suction mode.

Watch the video below to see the exceptional performance of 008.

Where to Buy Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaners

It is easy-peasy to buy the best battery powered vacuum cleaners via online shopping with free shipping. Buy your favorite cordless vacuums with removable or detachable battery on official online store, Amazon, The Home Depot, Walmart, Bunnings, Kmart, Lowe's when you live in UK, US, Australia, NZ, Japan, etc.

Part 2. What Batteries Do Home & Commercial Vacuum Cleans Use

Regardless home or industrial battery operated vacuum cleaners, they are all powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

There are 3 main types of battery vacuum sweepers in the market, including stick/handheld vacuums, robot vacs, and backpack hoovers.

Stick/handheld all-in-one vacuum cleaners would combine several rechargeable lithium batteries (normally 5-6) into one battery tank, for powering the cleaning device. After fully charged, the device works around 15-50 minutes based on the brush and the suciton speed.

Robot vacuum cleaners, a smart auto cleaning device, runs around 60-70 minutes with one single charge. If you want longer cleaning time, add a spare battery. Otherwise, you’ll have to recharge the battery to full and start a cleaning cycle.

Cordless backpack vacuums are also rechargeable battery powered. It is easy for you to carry along for clenaing ceilings, walls, corners, and stairways, outdoors or indoors. Since it is a backpack type, the battery life is shorter than the above battery vaccum types. Backpack vacs work up to 30 minutes after fully charged.

Hence, if you wanna clean every corner in your home, a battery stick/handheld vacuum cleaner is the best option. If your home or apartment has no obstacles on the floor or carpet, a robot vac is the type you should go. If you want to carry a vacuum for outdoor cleaning, such as your garden, driveway, an attached garage, go get a backpack battery vac.

Part 3. How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Battery life is the biggest concern for you. Try the below effective and easy tips to maximize or optimize your vaccum cleaner's battery life.

Tip 1. Buy Spare Batteries

One vacuum cleaner will include one rechargeable battery. To extend or increase the battery life, simply get extra spare batteries.

If you have a small apartment, simply add an extra battery to double the runtime. If you have a bigger house or second-story or even third-story apartment or office buidling, you'd better buy 3-4 spare batteries in order to triple or quadruple the battery life.

Tip 2. Adjust the Battery Vacuum to the Minimum Power

Higher suction power will eat more battery. If you want a longer battery life, change the suciton power mode to the minimum speed when you clean your home.

Minimum suction power is generally used for routine cleaning, such as dust or small debris cleaning. Maximum power is for larger items, such as coffee beans.

To make your cordless vacuum battery last longer, set the vac to the minimum mode for daily cleaning and only set it to the maximum mode only when you need to suck up big litter.

Tip 3. Change the Brush Attachment

Larger brushes tend to drain the battery power faster. To get the maximum life from the vac's battery, change the attachment to the smallest and lowest-power-consumpiton brush or nozzle.

Take Lubluelu 202 as a typical example. The long suction nozzle is the smallest attachment. When you attach the nozzle to the battery vacuum’s motor, you are able to extend the battery life to max. 50 minutes.

Tip 4. Avoid Using Your Battery Vacuum Cleaner in Extreme Heat Temperatures

Hot environments tend to speed up the battery life. It is best to avoid using the battery vacuum to clean your car in hot weather or leaving your vacuum in rooms experiencing direct sunlight.

This golden rule goes the same for cold porches and garages in cold winter, since all battery-powered appliances are "scared" of extremlely hot or cold environments. Putting an battery-operated hoover in a heat or cold temperatures may damage the batery and shorten the battery life.

Tip 5. Store Your Battery Vacuum at Room Temperature

Don't operate or store your rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner in extremly hot or cold temperatures. Store it at a place with room temepature. Heat sources, like radiators, can damage the battery.

To prolong the battery life, store your vacuum cleaner at temperatures between 18 °C – 28 °C, away from direct sunlight.

Tip 6. Clean Your Vacuum Carefully

It is really important to take several minutes after each use to dispose of the container and check the brushes if there is any hair or debris tangled in them. If there is anyting stucked in the vacuum, it will increase the burden of the vacuum cleaner and eat up the battery power faster.

So, do clean the container after each use, change the HEPA filter every 6-8 months, and maintain the brushes routinely.

The above top 6 tips are helpful and effective to help you extend just every battery-operated vacuum cleaner, like Dyson, Dreame, Tineco, Bosch, DEWALT, Milwaukee, Makita, etc.

Part 4. Battery Vacuum Troubleshooting Tips and FAQs

If you have any questions about battery powered vacuums, get the answers below. If you don't get what you want, share your questions in the comment below😊

1. Can you overcharge a cordless vacuum?

Can I leave my Dyson on charge all the time?

Some cordless battery vacuums have the overcharging protection, like Lubluelu vac collections. Even you overcharge the vacuum, the vac won't be damaged due to the protection mechanism.

Please do keep the power adapter and the outlet out of the reach of your children, or remove the power adapter after you have fully charged the vacuum, avoiding any possible danger.

2. Are battery operated vacuums any good?

Battery powered vacuum cleaners are lighter and more portable & versatile than corded options. The 100% cord-free design of a battery vacuum allows you to transport or move it anywhere for cleaning multiple places, like your car, furniture, stairs, floors, carpets, mattresses, ceilings, stairs, deep crevices, etc.

In short, battery-operated vacuum cleaners are more than "good" but excellent for your cleaning task.

3. How long does a cordless vacuum battery last?

How long should a Dyson stick battery last? How long does Hoover lithium battery last? How long does your cordless vacuum cleaner last on a charge?

The battery life of the cordless vacuum cleaner lasts around 15-50 minutes with one charge, when in different suction power modes and attached with various brush types.

To extend the battery life, skip to Part 3 for 6 effective tips.

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