Best Vacuum Cleaner Without Wall Mount & Step-by-Step Installation Guide Without Drilling


Bump into a Reddit post:

Looking for a cordless stick vacuum I can just plug into charge instead of mounting something to my apartment wall.

Does a cordless vacuum cleaner without wall mount exit?

So, I decided to write a specific article, helping you get the best vacuum cleaner without wall mount.

If you already have a sweeper, you can also get this step-by-step guide to install your vacuum cleaner without drilling holes or damaging your walls.

Here We Go:
#1. What a Vacuum Cleaner Without Wall Mount Should Be
#2. Highest-Rating Vacuum Cleaner Without Wall Mount for You

#3. Step-by-Step Guide to Install Vacuum Cleaner Without Drilling

#1. Top 2 Features a Vacuum Cleaner Without Wall Mount Should Have

Best vacuum cleaners without wall mount should be cordless and self-standing. Otherwise, they are wall-mounted vacuums, rather than no-wall-mount sweepers.

100% cord-free: A vacuum without wall mount should be a cordless vacuum cleaner. This type of sweepers is powered by a rechargeable battery, making it easy to be recharged. You may simply plug the battery into an outlet, without putting the whole hoover back to the wall-mounted docking station.

Self-standing: Only self-standing vacuum cleaners can stand on their own without being mounted to the wall. When you put it on the floor or corner, you don’t need to drill holes to install the wall mount for storing the vac. All you need to do is standing the vacuum on the floor and all is done.

No cables, no cords, no drilling, that’s what the best vacuum cleaner without wall mount should be.

#2. Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Without Wall Mount: Lubluelu 202

Lubluelu 202 is a 100% wire-free vacuum cleaner and it can stand on its own without leaning on the walls or being mounted to the wall. With the unique and exceptional self-standing design, you can simply put this cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner on the floor without extra operation.

When someone rings your doorbell, or when your pet makes a mess during your cleaning, you’ll never need to throw your battery vacuum cleaner away or find the mounting position to put your sweeper – simply stick Lubluelu 202 on the floor and you are good to go!

With 3 included attachments, you may clean the hardwood floor, carpets & stairs with the roller brush, clean the dust on your sofa, bed or curtain via the soft brush and remove the dust in the corners or crevices with the crevice tool.

Clean your home, car, garage, basement, office with this single versatile sweeper and take this vac outdoors or indoors, upstairs or downstairs easily.

You may watch the video below to see How Nisha falls in love with the Lubluelu 202 vacuum cleaner without wall mount.

#3. Step-by-Step Guide to Install Vacuum Cleaner Without Drilling

Can you mount Dyson without drilling?

How do I install a Dyson wall without a drill?

How can I mount the wall mount of my vacuum cleaner without drilling?

If you’ve already had a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner but don’t wanna fix it to the wall with screws which may damage your home décor, we’ve got your back!

Check the below step-by-step guide to mount the docking station for hanging or charging your dust sweeper to the wall without drilling and no screws.

Step 1. Choose a wall that is solid enough to hang your vacuum cleaner.

Step 2. Spot the best points or positions to fix the wall mount of your vacuum cleaner and mark the positions with a pencil.

Step 3. Buy the super-powerful and heavy duty double-sided mounting strips or 3M tapes. Stick several double-sided stripes on the wall, and then put the wall mount on the double-side strips. Press the wall mount to the wall so that the wall mount is fixed to the wall firmly.

When choosing the double-sided mounting stripes, make sure the stripes are able to hold items heavier than your vacuum cleaner.

Step 4. Wait for 24-36 hours after you have put the wall mount to the double-sided mounting strips. Now, you are able to hang the vacuum cleaner to the wall mount without drilling.

Please note that none of the double-side mounting stripes last forever. There is a risk of falling. Thus, for your personal safety and in case that the vacuum may fall down, the best solution is to buy a self-standing vacuum cleaner without wall mount at all.



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