lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

lubluelu SL61 - LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation Multiple Cleaning Modes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Unleashing the Power of 360 Lidar Navigation: Equipped with the advanced LDS9.0 Lidar, this robot vacuum conducts a thorough 360-degree scan of your home, creating up to 5 maps. It navigates obstacles accurately and plans efficient routes for maximum effectiveness.

Mastering the Art of 3-in-1 Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Mopping: The SL61 Robot vacuum and mop combo revolutionizes your cleaning experience with its 2-in-1 dust bin and water tank, seamlessly combining sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping functions in one device. Its innovative Y-shaped mopping feature mimics manual mopping for a pristine and spotless floor

Unmatched 3000Pa Suction for a Deeper Clean: The SL60D floor vacuum robot features a brush-less motor with powerful suction of up to 3000Pa across 3 modes. It efficiently captures dust, pet hair, and dirt from carpets, grooves, and crevices using a roller brush and rubber brushes.

Seamlessly Control with our Intelligent App: The Smart Life app allows real-time control and customization of all robot functions. With the app, you can personalize settings for individual rooms, set timers, choose cleaning modes, adjust suction power and water volume, and create No-Go Zones. Note that the app only supports 2.4G network connectivity.

Explore Multiple Cleaning Modes and Set 10 No-Go Zones: The robotic vacuum cleaner offers various cleaning modes, including automatic, edge, zone, spot, double, scheduled, and Y-shaped mopping. It allows up to 10 restricted areas to be set for targeted cleaning, avoiding specific zones.

Smart Navigation: Our SL61 has 22 sensors and AI recognition technology for excellent obstacle detection and anti-collision performance. It can easily cross obstacles up to 18mm (0.71 inches) with its upgraded off-road wheels.

Effortlessly Resume Cleaning with Breakpoint Continuous Mode: When the battery level drops to 15% or lower, the laser robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging dock and recharge up to 80% capacity. Once recharged, it will resume cleaning from where it left off, eliminating the need for repetitive or missed scanning during cleaning sessions.

Store Up to 5 Maps for Multi-Floor Cleaning Efficiency: The robotic vacuum features advanced multi-map technology, allowing you to save and store up to 5 maps. With this capability, you can easily customize cleaning schedules for different floors based on your specific requirements. The maps are conveniently stored in the app's cleaning record section for easy access and management of your personalized cleaning routines.


Product Name SL61
Packing Size 12.8"L x 12.8"W x 3.6"H
Weight 4.26kg
Battery Life

120 minutes

Cleaning Path Width 13 Inches
Are Batteries Included Yes
Included Components 2 x Side Brush,1 x Cleaning Tool, 1 x SL61 Robot Vacuum, 1 x Mop Cloth,1 x Mop Holder,1 x User Mumal,1x Simple Instruction Guide Board, 1 x 2-in-1 Dustbin and Water Tank, 1 x Charging Base,1 x Power Adapter
Special Feature

2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop, 5Maps, 10 No-Go Zones, Boost-Intellect Technology, Anti-Collision, Anti-Fall, 2023 Latest LDS 9.0 LiDAR Navigation, 3000pa Strong Suction, Robot Vacuum Surface: Hard floor, Wooden floor, Tile, Low Carpet, Laminate, Automatic Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Zone Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Appointment Cleaning, Y-shaped Mopping, Intelligent Electronic Water Pump, 3 Levels of Water Flow

Controller Type App Control, Amazon Alexa, Voice Control
What's the difference between SL60D and SL61? Which one is better?

Please click here for a more detailed product comparison.

I wasn't able to hook up to WiFi

1. The 2.4GHz band wireless signal is enabled on your wireless router.

2. Your smartphone or tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network (2.4GHz Only Or 2.4GHz_5G Dual Channel).

3. Please make sure to enter the correct WIFI password.

4. Robot Vacuum is attached to the Charging Base to ensure it has enough power during set up.

5. Make sure the machine enters the network pairing state (2 keys press and hold for 3s at the same time).

Is it normal for it to zig-zag in mopping mode?

This is because the machine has entered the Y-shaped cleaning mode. Although the robot vacuum moves slowly, it cleans effectively. If you want it to finish cleaning quickly, you can cancel the Y-shaped cleaning mode in the smartlife app.

How can I change the location of my charging stand on the map?

After the map has been created, the location of the charging stand is fixed. If you move the charging stand, the map will not update the new charging location immediately. You need to allow the robot vacuum to complete a sweep and charge successfully at the new charging location before the map will be updated with the new charging location.

My robot vacuum is asking for a password to connect but I wasn't provided with a password?

Please make sure all permissions are given to this app, otherwise you will fail to connect.

I used it to vacuum immediately after receiving the product, but I feel that the battery is running out of power?

In order to ensure the safety of transportation, the product complies with international standards, that is, after receiving the product, the power of the product is about 40%-60%, and it needs to be fully charged before it can be used.

How to place the charging station in a proper position?

A space of at least 30cm should be reserved on the left and right sides of the charging stand, and a space of about 1.5m should be reserved in front. After placing the charging station, please do not change its position at will, otherwise the machine cannot be recharged automatically.

How to map different floors?

Our robot vacuum can save up to 5 maps.

1. It’s recommended to take the charging stand and the robot vacuum to a new floor, and then click Smart Cleaning to clean, after cleaning, you will have the new map. Be sure to click Save after the map is created, otherwise the current map will be overwritten;

 2. After selecting the corresponding floor map, be sure to let the sweeping robot automatically get off the charging stand, so as to ensure that it will automatically recharge next time.

My robot can’t mop.

Before mopping, here are a few things you need to make sure.

 1. Please install the mop holder correctly. To double check it, you could enter Smartlife > Setting > Mopping Status

2. Please make sure the work mode of Sweep & Mop or Mop is on, and the water level is set.

3. Please make sure there is enough water in the water tank and the water holes are not blocked in any way.

4. Please inspect whether the shrapnel in contact with the air pump has any signs of oxidation or indentation.

How to manage my robot by several smartphones?

1. Click the little pen in the upper right corner of the home page;

2. Click “Share Device”;

3. Click “Add Sharing”;

For detailed process, please refer to this video at 2:56.

How to keep my robot in excellent working performance?

To ensure the proper functioning of the robotic vacuum, it is necessary to perform regular thorough cleaning. For detailed process, please refer to this video at 2:47.

HEPA Maintenance Tips

1. When the HEPA filter gets bogged down by dust and fur, use a trusty brush to swiftly brush off the dirt. For stubborn dirt, a gentle wipe with a dry cloth will do the trick. And if it's time for a thorough cleanse, give it a splash with water, but make sure it's bone dry before you reunite it with the vacuum.

2. Keep the cleaning power at its prime by replacing the HEPA filter every three months.

Floor Brush Maintenance Tips

1. The floor brush is recommended to be cleaned once every 1-2 months, usually with a knife brush. If you think it is too dirty, you can wash it with water, but it must be dried before installation, otherwise it will damage the device.

2. For users with more and longer hair at home, it is generally recommended to clean the floor brush once a week, so as to maintain a good suction effect.

1. Please sort out the wires, debris and fragile, unstable, valuable and potentially dangerous objects on the ground before starting the device

2. Avoid personal in injury or property damage caused by entanglement, jamming, dragging, or bumping of equipment. 

3. Do not use the robot to clean liquid.

4. Do not use the machine in the place of cliff without protective rails (such as duplex floors, open balcony, furniture top).

5. This machine is used for indoor cleaning only. Do not use the machine outdoors (such as open balcony), on non-floors (such as sofa) or in commercial or industrial places.

6. This machine should not be used as a toy by the children. Please keep children and pets away when the machine is working.

7. Do not use the machine to clean the hard or sharp objects (such as decoration wastes, glass, iron nails, etc.)

8. Do not use the bumper as the handle.

9. Do not wipe any parts of the machine with a damp cloth or any liquid.

10. Please remove the water tank during charging.

11. If the machine will not be used for a long time, please power it off after being fully charged, then store in a cool and dry place. Charge the battery at least every three months to avoid the battery failure due to excessive discharging.

LDS9.0 Lidar Navigation

SL61 laser robot vacuum has up to 8 meters of advanced laser detection range to swiftly map your home's complex environment 360°

Voice Control

Start a clean and stop clean of your voice by Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Smart LiDAR

Radius of 8 meters to optimize coverage, laser vacuum cleaner robot help clean your home thoroughly.

Search robot

When you need to find the laser robot vacuum, you can search for the robot vacuum on the app, then SL60D robot vacuum will say "Mater, I'm here".

SL60D SL61 SG60 A9
Long Runtime 120 Mins 120 Mins 130 Mins 140 Mins
Control Method APP APP Remote/APP control APP
Compatible Devices Smartphones, Google Home, Amazon Alexa Smartphones, Google Home, Amazon Alexa Smartphones, Google Home, Amazon Alexa Smartphones, Tablets, Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Item Weight 4.58 kg 4.58 kg 4.5kg 9.44 KG
Noise Level 55dB 55dB 55dB 50dB
Battery Capacity 2600 mAh 2600 mAh 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
Battery Cells 4 4 4 4
MAX Suction Power 3,000 Pa 3,000 Pa 2,700 Pa 3,000 Pa
No-Go Zones Setting 10 10 none 10
Maps Setting 5 5 none 4
Anti-Fall & Anti-Collision
Applicable Floor Surface Hard floor, Wooden floor, Tile, Low Carpet, Laminate Hard floor, Wooden floor, Tile, Low Carpet, Laminate Hard Floors,Tiles,Dog Hair,Cat Hair Hard floor, Wooden floor, Tile, Low Carpet, Laminate
Climbing Height 18 MM 18 MM 18 MM 20 MM
Compatible with SD80 x x
Multi-voice broadcast x