006 – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 1,000 ml Dustin & 5-Layer HEPA Filtration

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Exceptional, Effective and Efficient Cleaning

This stick & handheld vacuum cleaner generates intense suction power up to 25,000 Pa to easily lift dirt from your floors & carpets. Its multicyclonic air filtration instantly traps dust particles & debris, creating 100% clean living environment.

5-Layer True HEPA Filtration System

006 battery vacuum cleaner includes 5-stage filtration that separates and filters up to 99.99% of microdust particles. Captures pet dander/fur, pollen, long human hair, dust mites and other nonliving allergens for cleaner, fresher air in your home.

Collects More Dust, Dirt and Debris

The 1-litter, high-capacity dustbin collects more dirt, dust and debris so you don’t need to empty it frequently. The point-and-shoot dustbin design makes cleaning it just a snap.

1 Charge = Up to 50 Minutes

Remove the battery from the sweeper for flexible recharging and swap for a spare. Vacuum for up to 50 minutes without recharging. Provides ultra-long runtime and uninterrupted cleaning experience.

Clean Itself While It Cleans Your Home

The large, clog-reducing & anti-tangle roller brush provides consistent and powerful suction to remove dust, pet fur and long human hair without intertwining the brush. The LED light illuminates the dark corners, ensuring no dirt slips through without the notice of 006.

Efficient Cleaning Without Disturbing

Cleans your home without disturbing your sleep. When set in the minimum suction power, this vacuum operates at only 68 dB (normal conversation), ensuring more on cleaning, less on noise & energy.

Designed to Clean Every Place

The multiple attachments and telescope pipe make cleaning easy. Easily maneuver to vacuum stairs, floors, carpets, under sofas, tight corners, crevices and other hard-to-reach places. The 160° swivel head allows the vacuum to change direction effortlessly.


Product Name 006
Packing Size 17 X 13 X 7.5 in
Weight 2.5 kg

Input: 100-240 V

Output: 26.5 V/0.55 A

Rated Power 265 W
Suction 25 kPa/12 kPa
Process Time

Up to 20 mins (Max. Suction Mode)

Up to 50 mins (Min. Suction Mode)

Volume 1 L
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