SG60 – World’s Best Gyroscope Smart WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

$199.99 $169.99

Smart Navigation, Intelligent Cleaning

SG60 smart vacuum adopts the same gyroscope navigation technology as aircraft, ships and smartphones, provides precise navigation for your home. Clean your home in a much smarter and easier way.

4-Layer HEPA Filtration, Hygienic Cleaning

This automatic robot vacuum releases clean air with an advanced 4-layer filtration system. As the outside air enters, multiple filters trap 99.99% of ultra-fine dust and allergens.

Strong Suction, Deep Cleaning

A maximum of suction power of 2,700 Pa leaves dirt nowhere to hide. That’s the most effortlessly and powerful robot vacuum ever.

Auto Carpet Detection, Powerful Cleaning

This WiFi robot vac increases the suction to the maximum when it detects carpets, pulling household debris up from rugs or floors.

Perfect Coordination, Complete Cleaning

The ingenious side brushes and robust rubber brush coordinate to stir up fine particles and make it easy to detangle long hair.

Smart Collision Detection

SG60, with the smart object sensor, identifies any object higher than 3 cm and just avoid them.

  • Bump Sensor

  • Cliff Sensor

  • Edge Sensor

  • Safe Cliff Detection

    If there is a sudden increase in the distance to the floor, that means the robot is close to a stair edge, so it will back off to avoid falling.

  • Bump Sensor

  • Cliff Sensor

  • Edge Sensor

  • Clever Edge Detection

    The edge sensor tells the HEPA robot vacuum that it is close to a wall or a solid edge, so it can follow the wall or the edge.

  • Bump Sensor

  • Cliff Sensor

  • Edge Sensor

  • Just Keeps Going On… On… and On

    Powered by 4 pcs high-capacity 2600 mAh Li-ion batteries and a 600 ml dustbin, you get long lasting cleaning up to 130 minutes. Tackle most homes with one clean.

    Choose Where You Clean

    Put the included magnetic strip to set up the invisible wall. which defines the no-go zones that the robot cannot go.

    Clean Without Disturbance

    Produce only 55 dB when in the silent mode. That means no disturbance when you are reading, working or sleeping.

    A Shout-Out, Then Instant Cleaning

    Start cleanups by just saying the magic words, perfect for when you don’t have a phone in hand. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant supported.

    Product Name SG60
    Packing Size 12.6 X 3 in
    Net Weight 2.8 kg

    Silent Mode: 600 Pa

    Standard Mode: 1,500 Pa

    Strong Mode:  2,700 Pa

    Process Time

    Silent Mode: 120-130 mins

    Standard Mode: 100-110 mins

    Strong Mode: 70-80 mins

    Dustbin Volume

     0.6 L

    Control Way App, Remote Control, Manual
    Sensor IR Sensor, Along Wall Sensor, Anti-Falling Sensor
    Smart Home Control Alexa & Google Assistant
    What's in the Box

    1X SG60 Robot Vacuum
    1X Charging Station
    2X Brushes
    2X HEPA Filters
    1X Remote Control
    1X Power Adapter
    1X Magnetic Stripe
    1X Cleaning Tool
    1X User Manual

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