How to Control Your Robotic Vacuum with Alexa & Google Home

How to Control Your Robotic Vacuum with Alexa & Google Home

Connect your robot vacuum to Alexa or Google Home, and you can realize a 100% hands-free cleaning experience.

With the help of voice assistants, you can use your voice to give commands and let the robot do the cleaning work for you.

Once it's set up, you won't have to press a button on the top of the device or open an app on your phone. You say, the robot does.

Keep reading for our top robot vacuum that works with Alexa and Google Home, as well as the step-by-step instruction to connect your robot vacuum with the voice assistant.

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lubluelu SL60D: Best Smart Robot Vacuum for Alexa/Google Home Owners

If you are looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner that can work with Alexa and Google Home, SL60D is a great choice.

It supports multiple control ways: manual operation, app control, remote control, and voice control. It is an Alexa and Google Home enabled robot which you can use your voice to operate it.

You can ask the voice assistant to tell your robot to start and stop vacuuming, turning the cleaning into a smart experience.

Lubluelu SD60D is a smart gyroscopic robot vacuum that cleans in a zig-zag path, navigating efficiently and avoiding repetitive cleaning.

It works superbly on hard floors and carpets to keep your home clean in a smart way. When it detects a carpeted surface, it automatically increases the suction power to effectively remove more dirt hiding in the carpet fibers.

With intelligent sensors, it can identify and avoid furniture, walls and obstacles to prevent collisions and falls. In addition, the device is equipped with an anti-drop sensor that prevents it from falling down the stairs or any other high places in your home.

For those who suffer from allergies, this robot vacuum is trustworthy. It is equipped with a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of allergens including dust, dust mites and pollen.

Overall, theSL60D is worth considering if you are looking for an Alexa and Google Home supported robot vacuum.

How to Connect Robot Vacuum to Alexa

No matter which robot vacuum you have, follow this guidance to connect it to Alexa so that you can control the robot with your voice. Below are steps on adding Lubluelu SG60 to Alexa.

Step 1. Set up the robot vacuum with “Smart Life” app on your phone. Read this blog to get the complete guide to set up your robot vacuum with WiFi.

Step 2. Download the Alexa App and sign in with your Amazon account.

Step 3. Set up your Echo with Amazon Alexa App. Tap the menu on the top left and select “Add Device”, select Amazon Echo on the page, choose the type of your Echo, and configure your Echo device with the instructions.

Step 4. Tap “More > Skills & Games”.

Step 5. Click the search icon at the top right, search for "Smart Life", and select "Enable Skills".

Step 6. Sign in to your "Smart Life" account. You need to prepare your account and password in advance.

Step 7. Click "Discover Devices" to add your robot.

Step 8. Click the Settings icon to change the name of the robot vacuum to make it easier to perform voice commands.

You’re done! You can ask Alexa to guide the robot now.

How to Add Your Robot to the Google Home

Before using Google Home to control the robot, you should take the following steps to connect the robot with it. Below we show you how to configure Lubluelu SG60 with Google Home.

Step 1. Set up the robot to the “Smart Life” app. (See here: how to assemble vacuum cleaner.)

Step 2. Set up Google Home

  1. Search “Google Home” app in App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android smartphones), and install it on your phones.
  1. Register the appand sign
  1. Connect your Google Home to WiFi.
  1. Open the Google Home app on your phone and follow the instructions to set up Google Assistant.

Step 3. Link Lubluelu SL60D to the Google Home

  1. At the top of the Google Home app, click on the "+" sign.
  1. Under the "Add and manage" list, select "Set up devices", then click "Have something already set up".
  1. Search for "Smart Life" app in the list.
  1. Enter your "Smart Life" account and password, and then click "Link Now".
  1. Assign a room for your robot and click "Next",and you will return to the main page. Your device is already on the Home Control page.

Now you can operate SG60 with your voice. Below are some common commands you can use to control your robot.

How to Control Your Robot with Alexa and Google Home

Once your robot vacuum is connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can operate your machine with the following commands:

  • Alexa/Hey Google, ask <name of robot> to start cleaning
  • Alexa/Hey Google, ask <name of robot> to stop cleaning

If you own a robot vacuum with laser-based or camera-based mapping technology, you can even command it to clean a specific room or area. For example:

  • Alexa/Hey Google, ask <name of robot> to clean the bedroom
  • Alexa/Hey Google, ask <name of robot> to clean the reading room
  • Alexa/Hey Google, ask <name of robot> to clean the carpet

If you have multiple vacuums for different types of floors, you can give each one a name for the Alexa or Google Home knowing which one you wish to use.

Above is a simple guide to help your robot vacuum work effectively with voice assistants to make your life easier and smarter.

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