Vacuum Cleaners for Your Sofa & Upholstery: Make Your Favorite Pieces Spotless

Vacuum Cleaners for Your Sofa & Upholstery: Make Your Favorite Pieces Spotless

Sofas or chairs with upholstery are one of the most high-traffic areas in your home and messes are destined to happen.

Everyday dust, pet hair, bird dander, can cause dinginess over time. To increase your sofa or couch’s lifespan and keep it fresh & spotless, vacuuming it regularly is necessary.

To help you remove the dust, debris, and everyday messes on your upholstery and sofa, we share the best vacuum cleaners for sofa, as well as the best bonus tips to clean your couch easily.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners for Sofa: Top 2 Picks with Detailed Reviews & Videos

The below vacuum recommendations can be used to clean all dry dirt on your sofa, couch, pillow, or upholstery and even floors & carpets.

We tested the below 2 cordless vacuum cleaners for over a month and also looked through customers’ reviews and feedback. Finally, we summarized the two Unicorn dust sweepers that are able to clean your sofa and couch completely.

#1. Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa & Couch Cleaning: Lubluelu 202

When you install the carpet cleaner (the roller brush) to the motor, you can use the 202 as a stick vacuum.

When you put on the soft brush or the crevice tool, 202 can be turned into a handheld sweeper, helping you to clean dust and pet fur/dander on your sofas & rugs and in between cushions.

This dust sweeper is able to remove just every dry dirt on almost all sofa materials, such as microfiber couch, velvet couch, fabric sofa or polyester sofa.

Get this vacuum cleaner at home to suck up ubiquitous dust on your sofa and pet fur on your furniture to keep your cozy sofas dust-free and spotless.

Take a look at the video below to get more features about this carpet cleaner for upholstery & couch.

#2. Best Small & Compact Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa and Carpet: Lubluelu 008

If you wanna use 008 to clean pet hair or dust on your sofa, couch or pillow, get the upholstery attachment or the crevice tool to clean all the mess.

If you want to clean your carpets, take the roller brush. This 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner helps you clean just every surface and every corner, at home, in the garage or your car.

For example, when there is mud on your car upholstery, try to suck up the mud with the nozzle and turn the suction power to the maximum.

This portable vacuum cleaner adopts 5-layer HEPA filtration that filters and traps all ultrafine dust without leaking into the air. Once the pet hair & dust are in, there is no way out.

Here is a video indicating how powerful this couch cushion cleaner is. You might also get one to clean your home FRIHETEN sofa.😊

How to Clean Couch Without Vacuum: Step-by-Step Guide

How to remove dust from sofa without vacuum cleaner?
How to clean coffee stain on sofa without vacuum cleaner?
How can I clean my couch cushions without a vacuum?

No vacuum cleaners?

No problem!

With the below steps, you are able to clean stains on your sofas and couches without vacuum cleaner.

Before cleaning your sofa, prepare the below items.

What You’ll Need:

  • Two clean cloths
  • 1 soft head brush
  • 1 stiff bristle brush
  • 1 lint roller
  • Bicarbonate soda
  • Water

Step 1. Use one of the clean cloths to wipe down the sofa or couch. Wiping down the sofa will remove the dirt, dust, pet hair and dander on the sofa.

Step 2. Use the stiff bristle brush to clean heavy dust or dirt stick. This helps break the dirt separately. After that, use the soft headed brush to clean dust and dirt from confined areas of your sofa.

Please don’t use the brush too hard. Otherwise, you may damage your sofa.

Step 3. Use the lint roller to clean pet fur or long human hair from your sofa. Clean your sofa with the lint roller for multiple times, making sure that every inch of your sofa has been cleaned.

Step 4. Spray the bicarbonate soda on your sofa to remove stains, such as coffee/milk stains. If there is any tough stain on your sofa, mix the sofa with water. Spray the mixed liquid on the stain and wait for a few minutes until the stain is full absorbed by the liquid.

Step 5. After 20 minutes, remove the water and bicarbonate soda with a blower.

Step 6. In the end, after every step is completed, use the other clean cloth to wipe down your sofa or couch again.

You can also undust your pillow or car seat, bed, mattress and other upholstery with the above steps, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

Top FAQs on Vacuum Cleaners for Sofa

If you have any question on sofa vacuum cleaner, just leave them in the comment below! ⬇️

1. Can a vacuum cleaner clean sofa?

Can I clean my sofa with a vacuum cleaner?

Yes, you can.😉By using the right accessory (nozzle, soft brush or the upholstery tool), your vacuum cleaner can also double up as your effective sofa cleaning device.

2. How often should I vacuum sofa?

Vacuuming your sofa or couch once per week is a MUST especially you are suffering asthma or allergy, even though you cannot see the dust on your sofa. Pet fur/dander, dust germs will accumulate on the surfaces of your sofa. Vacuuming your sofa every week will keep it dust-free.

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