Stick Vacuum Cleaners: Beginners' Guide in 2022

Stick Vacuum Cleaners: Beginners' Guide in 2022

Stick vacuum cleaners are the compact, lightweight and portable models of upright vacuum cleaners, without bags needed for collecting the dirt. Instead, this type of hoovers collects the litter with the easy-to-clean dustbin without changing bags frequently.

Stick hoovers, especially cordless stick vacuums, dominate the market with their convenience & versatility, and they can feel almost fun to use.

Lubluelu cleaning experts recommend the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners for you so that you are able to clean your home or office easily. Meanwhile, we also include the detailed guide on how we select the best electric brooms.

Lubluelu Research:
#1. Stick Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations
#2. How We Pick the Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

#1. Top-Rated Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations

Cord-free vacuum cleaners are compact, portable and powerful – powerful enough to tackle almost every cleaning job around apartments, smaller homes or stores.

The below battery stick vacuum cleaners even rival the deep cleaning performance of full-size corded vacuums. They are equipped with powerful, long-lasting batteries and better brushes & attachments for deep cleaning, suitable for all surface cleaning.

1. Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Under $200/$300: Lublulue 202

This cordless stand-up vacuum cleaner can stand on its own without mounting to the wall. When you switch to the maximum suction power, this stick hoover is able to suck up the stubborn dust and dirt on your floors, carpets or stairs.

With 3 attachments – the roller brush, the soft brush and the crevice tool, you are able to turn this stick vacuum into handheld vacuums when you install the soft brush or the crevice tool to the main motor.

With 3 flexible suction power options, this stick vacuum is able to tackle routine cleaning or deep cleaning based on your needs, without changing to those heavy full-sized vacuums.

This stick dust sweeper collects the litter with the built-in dustbin instead of bags, saving your costs on buying replacement bags. All you need to maintain is the HEPA filter. Change the filter every 6-8 months for the best dust filtration performance.

With the power-saving technology, 202 electric broom works up to 50 minutes when you connect the crevice tool to the motor and set the suction power to the minimum. If you wanna double the runtime, get a spare battery.

Check the video below to see how 202 stick vacuum cleaner performs in real life.

2. Best 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Under/Around $100: Lubluelu 008

This portable stick vacuum cleaner comes with two suction power options: the minimum and the maximum. The minimum suction speed is generally used for daily routine and cleaning dust, pet fur or long human hair, sand, rice. The maximum suction power is ideal for cleaning stubborn dirt, and larger particles & debris, such as coffee beans, cereals.

If you are a pet owner and need one stick sweeper to clean cat, dog or bird hair and dander, 008 is the most popular and budget-friendly option.

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to 40 minutes (minimum fan speed with the crevice tool). This unlimited rechargeable stick vacuum cleaner is helpful when you need to clean your hardwood or tile floors, carpets, stairs, cars, beds or crevices.

So, once you get 008, you have a stick & handheld 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner to clean just every area in your home, from the top to the bottom, from the ceiling to the floor, from the stairs to the porches.

Take a look at the video below and see how GregglesTV, a professional tech reviewer, tested the Lubluleu 008 stick vacuum cleaner.

#2. How We Pick the Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

We test the above stick vacuum cleaners based on the cleaning ability, the ease of use, and the battery life and the versatility.

Cleaning ability: The suction power determines the cleaning ability of a stick vacuum cleaner. Generally speaking, higher suction power speed can suck up larger particles and dirt. A vacuum cleaner with over 15 kPa suction power is able to meet your routine and/or deep cleaning need at your apartment or in your office.

Ease of use: Those corded, messy-cabling stick vacuum cleaners are generally abandoned due to their troublesome wires and complicated setup. A modern stick vacuum should be straightforward and no-installation at all.

Take the above Lubluelu 202 as an example. When you receive the package, just plug the brush to the motor, press the power button and you are all set!

Battery life: Cordless battery vacuum cleaners get power from the rechargeable battery. The battery life may be the biggest concern. A battery-operated sweeper is able to work 15-20 minutes when in the maximum mode and 30-50 minutes when in the minimum mode. Get a spare battery to extend the runtime if you have a large apartment or house.

Versatility: The best stick vacuum cleaner should be able to tackle all cleaning tasks. It would be much more cost-effective if you buy one stick sweeper that can handle all surfaces, no need to buy a floor vac for floors, a carpet cleaner for carpets.

Nowadays, those cordless vacuum cleaners have multiple attachments for you to clean just anywhere, be it floors, carpets, sofas, beds, mattresses, curtains, stairs, cars, corners, outdoors or indoors. You’ll get a Unicorn for cleaning your home, store or office without buying multiple cleaning appliances for cleaning different surfaces in your property.

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