Vacuum Cleaner for Floor: Buying Guide & Top Picks for Your Home

Vacuum Cleaner for Floor: Buying Guide & Top Picks for Your Home

Buying a new vacuum cleaner can be a confusing matter. There are so many brands, styles and models to choose from. Different types of floors have different cleaning needs. Which is the best vacuum for hardwood, tile, laminate or vinyl floors?

Thankfully, Lubluelu is here to help. Read on for details on choosing right vacuum cleaner based on exact floor types, our top picks for the best vacuum cleaner for floor, as well as discussing the hottest questions.

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1. Vacuum for Different Kinds of Floor

2. Best Vacuum Cleaner Picks for Floor

3. FAQs on Vacuum Cleaner for Floor

1. Get Mr. Right Vacuum for Your Tailored Floor Type 

Bare Floors

A variety kind of vacuum cleaners is suitable for cleaning hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, laminates and vinyl floors. But what you should consider is that some electric brooms and rollers may scatter dust and debris.

If they are not used properly, they may scratch the bare floors. No matter what type of vacuum cleaner you choose, you need to look for brush heads or accessories specially designed for bare floors.

Upright and stick vacuum cleaners are compact and portable, fitting for rapid ground cleaning, and generally equipped with additional attachments. Robot vacuums are apt to to clean hard floors such as hardwood and ceramic tiles.


If your vacuum cleaner is bulky or the power cord is too short, the stairs may be difficult to clean. Although corded vacuum cleaners do provide you with no-limited running time and direct power, they are usually heavy and difficult to operate.

The ideal stair vacuum cleaner should conform to several characteristics: lightweight, functional, portable and cord-free. It should be also able to enter narrow corners and inaccessible areas of stairs.

Carpeted Floors

You need a specialized vacuum cleaner to clean floors with carpets because they tends to collect a lot of dust. For heavy carpets, you can use stick, upright or canister vacuum cleaners. For thinner carpets, it is better to use handheld vacs or a cleaning device that can be converted into a handy tool.

Although most of the manufacturers claim that their sweeping robots can work on carpets, in fact, some robots are difficult to climb up the carpets.

The vacuum cleaner that provides strong suction will clean the plush carpet more effectively. Always pay attention to carpet edges and tassel decorations when you put a hoover on your carpets.

Home Floors with Pets

For pet owners, the floor and upholstered furniture at home have become magnets for pet hair. Removing pet hair is one of the most serious challenges faced by vacuum cleaners.

When static electricity makes your fluffy friend’s hair stick tightly to carpets, curtains or furniture, it is not easy to pull them out of the fibers completely. You need to rely on a vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a rotating brush to separate pet hair from your upholstered furniture.

Choose vacuum cleaners with professional brushes for removing dirt and hair, including handheld vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, and HEPA vacuum cleaners, which are essential for pet owners.

2. Best All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner Picks for Floor (With Real Testing & Videos)

We test the performance, design and price of the vac, to help you find the hoover that suits your home floor type and budget. Here are our picks for the best vac for floors:

#1. Best Overall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Floors: Lubluelu 202

The Lubluelu 202 is a good choice if you need a vacuum that can work both on carpets and floors including tile floors, vinyl floors and laminate floors. It does a fantastic job of sucking up small and bulky stains and debris, as well as pet hair on floor surfaces.

It comes with three attachments: the big floor brush for large-area surfaces like tile floors and marble floors, one soft brush for carpet and hardwood floor, and a long suction nozzle to deal with stuck-on dirt and debris on stair and rugs.

Its wire-free design is the feature you want for a totally cordless vacuum cleaner, making it easy to pick up and carry, easily cleaning your whole-home floor. This vacuum has 3 power modes that is capable of changing its suction power to prevent scratching the floor, especially hardwood and wood floors.

Watch the video below to check more details on this 100% cord-free vacuum cleaner:

#2. Best Budget Entry-Level Vacuum for Floors: Lubluelu 008

For any type of floors and carpets, we recommend Lubluelu 008 vac. This is the best-value and durable machine that performs well in cleaning all floor surfaces.

When you clean the marble or tile floor, you can open the floor brush and suck away hard debris such as pet garbage or breakfast cereal from the floor.

It performs well on hard floors, wooden floors and short woolen carpets. This portable vacuum cleaner has an extra soft brush, which does a decent job of sucking up debris in shallow cracks and fluff.

There are embedded LED lights on the floor brush, which can illuminate every corner and make the dust nowhere to escape. From spilled flour to scattered coffee beans, it can clean up almost all garbage on floors in one operation.

Take a look at the video below to get more features about this basic powerful cleaner for floors:

#3. Best Smart Robot Vacuum: Lubluelu SG60

SG60 is the first smart robot vacuum of Lubluelu, designed with the latest, newest, and ultra-advanced technologies, making it the best robotic vacuum for floors.

This robot vacuum does a great job of removing tiny and large debris from bare floors such as hardwood, carpet or tile types. One of its exceptional features is its bow-shape cleaning mapping that leaves every speck of dust on the floor with nowhere to hide.

You can control SG60 to sweep your floors via the smart APP, the remote control or the button on the robot, to enjoy true smart control from the top to bottom.

Moreover, it has a surface detection system that automatically changes its suction settings depending on the type of floor it's on, which is helpful if you have any carpet on your bare floors.

3. FAQs on Vacuum Cleaner for Floor

Q1. Can vacuum cleaners be used on floor?

Absolutely. Any vacuum cleaner can clean the floor, which is also the most basic task of the vacuum cleaner. You don't need anything else to remove dust, hair, debris and other deposits from the floor.

However, in order to avoid debris scattering that may damage sensitive and fragile floors, you need to choose a vacuum cleaner that allows you to turn off the rotating brush roller, or change the brush with a softer head.

Q2. Can a vacuum cleaner be used to clean a marble floor?

Of course it can. Vacuum cleaners work effectively in every kind of floors. But it is worth mentioned that the wheels and other parts of vac may damage the surface of the marble floor. Use only soft brushes and stay away from utilizing metal or plastic accessories while using a vacuum on a marble floor.

Q3. What type of vacuum is best for tile floors?

Almost all types of vacuum cleaners can be used to clean ceramic tile floors. Small and hard stones or debris will scratch the surface of the tiles, so regular vacuuming is important.

Q4. Is vacuuming better than mopping?

Vacuuming and mopping are different ways to solve the problem of cleaning. It depends on the type of floors you want to clean. Vacuuming is better than mopping when it comes to clean the carpet. It is powerful in removing debris, dirt or dust, but useless in cleaning sticky and greasy dirt from the floor. In this case, you must rely on mopping.

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