Vacuum Cleaner with Mop: Buying Tips and Lab-Tested Pick

Vacuum Cleaner with Mop: Buying Tips and Lab-Tested Pick

Sweeping and mopping are two common methods to transform a dirty floor into a spotless one. In previous articles, we have talked a lot about the vacuum cleaner, which relieves you of manual sweeping.

But scrubbing the floor is still waiting for you! That’s where the vacuum cleaner with mop comes in.

In this post, we focus on talking about the kind of floor-care cleaner that can vacuum and mop the floor in one step.

This guide provides workable buying tips and the best vacuum mop model based on laboratory tests to help you keep the floor clean more efficiently.

Shortcut of This Post:

1. What Is a Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

2. Top 6 Killer Factors to Consider

3. Top Vacuum Mop Cleaner Pick

4. FAQs on Vacuum Mop Combos

#1. What Is a Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

The vacuum mop cleaner, which takes the place of the conventional dry vacuum cleaner and mop, can vacuum and wash the floor at the same time. Its suction capabilities allow it to pick up fluids, hair, dust, and any other debris on the floor.

In addition, it will spray water simultaneously and utilize a rotary brush to wipe off any debris stuck on the floor.

It is suitable for any bare floors, including hardwood and tile floors. Vacuum-mop combos can save your time than ordinary vacuum cleaners and mops.

The wet-dry vacuum assembly includes two water tanks: One is used to store clean water, while the other is utilized to hold dirty water and dust collected from the floor.

On the other hand, the vacuum mop should not be used on the carpet because the sprayed water will damp the carpet. Unless your vacuum mop will not drip water before pressing the button, you can operate it on the carpet as a dry vacuum cleaner.

Before each cleaning, the vacuum mop needs to be loaded with enough clean water. To avoid bacteria and odor, the dirty water tank must be thoroughly cleaned after cleaning.

#2. Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

There are several important things to consider when looking to purchase the best vacuum mop combos. Read on to learn about the features to take into account while selecting a wet-dry device.

1️⃣ Type

Just like vacuum cleaners, there are various types of vacuum mops to choose from. The handheld vacuum mop needs manual operation, while the robot mop can save the effort of manual mopping, allowing for an automated and hands-free cleaning experience.

If you prefer handheld vacuum mops, you can also choose between corded and cordless models. Corded models do not have to be charged. You need to plug the power cord into the socket each time you use it.

Due to endless runtime, they are ideal for cleaning large spaces. But if the cable is not long enough, you need to change the socket frequently.

Cordless models are not limited by the location of the socket. They provide more flexibility, but they have limited battery life.

2️⃣ Water Tank Capacity

The capacity of the water tank determines how long you can clean before having to refill it.

Look for a model with a large-capacity water tank to ensure that the water filled at one time is sufficient to finish a whole cleaning.

So is the dirty water tank. A large dirty water tank can store enough solid particles and sewage without having to stop and replace it. The larger the water tank, the less time and work will be required to replenish it.

3️⃣ Suction

Suction plays a major role in a vacuum mop's ability to clean. To pick up both liquid and solid waste while cleaning the floor, a vacuum mop combo must have powerful suction. Vacuum mops with power cords typically have more suction than cordless models.

4️⃣ Weight

You ought to take the weight of the vacuum mop into account. Certain vacuum mops are bulky, which makes it a challenge to push them. Typically, the cordless vacuum mop combines a lightweight design with strong performance.

In addition, it can be difficult to store large models. If your space is limited, try to choose a smaller vacuum mop with excellent performance

5️⃣ Floor Type

Choose vacuum mops according to the type of floors in your home. The vacuum mop performs best on sealed hard floors. If the majority of your home's flooring are carpeted, vacuum mop is not the best cleaning tool.

If you have a lot of hardwood floors to clean, be mindful of how much water your vacuum mop leaves on the surface because too much water will damage the hardwood floor.

6️⃣ Filter

Cleaning is more than removing the dust and dirt on the floor. The best vacuum mop should have the ability to stop the dust from returning to the air.

If you live in a home with allergy suffers, you should look for a vacuum mop that features HEPA filter to capture ultrafine particles such as pollen, dust and mold.

To protect the machine and ensure high performance, it is essential to maintain and replace the filter regularly.

#3. Lubluelu X2101A Cordless Self-Cleaning Vacuum Mop Cleaner

The Lublulu X2101A stands out in our test, a truly game changer. This vacuum mop has two water tanks: one for holding clean water and one for storing dirty water.

With a 800 ml large water tank, it can ensure the vacuum mop to clean for more than 25 minutes, no need to refill the water tank multiple times on one clean up.

The 900 ml capacity of the dirty water tank provides enough room to store the liquid, dirt, debris and pet hair that is sucked in. You just need to drain the sewage after cleaning is done.

The LED screen and voice alerts keep you informed of the status of your device, such as battery indicator, cleaning mode and water tank level.

It is completely cordless. With 6 * 4000 mAh batteries, it can run continuously for 35 minutes. You won't have to worry about disturbing neighbors, pets, or babies when cleaning thanks to the machine's low noise level, which is 66 dB in auto mode (the lowest setting).

It can move along the floor with ease because it is lightweight and self-propelling. You can effortlessly complete a cleaning cycle without breaking a sweat.

Its powerful suction capacity allows it to cope with all kinds of emergency messes. If your pet spills the food bowl or your child pours the milk, it offers up to 15 kPa to easily collect all types of solid and liquid waste including milk, ketchup, soy sauce, green beans, flour, etc.

Besides, X2101A requires simple maintenance in daily use. After the cleaning job is finished, you put the vacuum back on the base and press the self-cleaning button. And it will start cleaning the roller brush and tubes. All you need to do is to replace the roller brush and filter with the dry one, and rinse the dirty water tank.

Overall, Lubluelu X2101A is the near-perfect choice in our lab test. If you’re looking for a vacuum mop cleaner that gets the job well done, this is your go-to.

#4. FAQs on Vacuum Mop Combos

Q1. Are vacuum mop combos worth it?

Yes, absolutely! A vacuum mop combo can save you time and effort to keep the floor clean. It can pick up both solid and liquid waste while working on the floor. Having a vacuum mop is equivalent to owning a vacuum cleaner and mop at the same time.

Q2. Can you use a vacuum mop on the carpet?

It is not advised to do this. The water sprayed from the vacuum mop will damp the carpet, and the cleaning effect is limited.

The mop's ability to collect dust is comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner. It does an excellent job of handling any dirt on the bare floor, but it has a negative impact on the carpet, especially long and deep carpets.

You can also consult the manufacturer of your vacuum mop to see if there is a specialized brush head for the carpet.

Q3. Should I mop first or vacuum first?

It is suggested to vacuum first before mopping. Vacuuming will make it easier for you to mop later. But if you invest in a vacuum mop, it is not a concern for you anymore. Vacuum mop combos can vacuum and wipe your floors at the same time.

Q4. How does mopping work in a robot vacuum?

There will be a water tank on the robot mop. Simply place it on the floor, fill the water tank with clean water, and then press the start button. As the robot moves across the floor, water will be distributed. And the cloth attached to the robot will wipe away the dirt on the floor.

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