Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet: Insider Picks & Detailed Guides

Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet: Insider Picks & Detailed Guides

There are several vacuum cleaner types in the market. It is quite overwhelming for you to choose the best vacuum cleaner for carpets.

Different carpet materials would need different vac types, and different vac types would function variously in cleaning different carpet types.

Seems like a tongue twister, right?

But you'll see what it means when you keep reading this post. We will include the main vacuum cleaner types in the market and help you choose the ideal one according to the carpet types. And, most importantly, insider picks are also included here.

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#1. Most Popular Vacuum Cleaner Types for Carpet
#2. Choose the Best Vacuum Based on Carpet Types
#3. Insider Picks of Vacuums for Your Carpet Cleaning
#4. Hottest Discussion (Your Insights Will Be Featured)

#1. Vacuum Cleaner Types for Cleaning Carpet

Vacuum cleaners are always changing rapidly, once corded & troublesome corded, now 1005 cordless & wire-free.

Since cordless vacuum cleaners dominate the market, I will only include cord-free types here.

1. Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuums

Battery operated stick vacuum cleaners are a type of upright vacs that are much more lightweight, flexible and versatile than the upright type.

Those stick vacuums can be turned into a handheld type by putting on different attachments to clean small crevices or reach high areas.

Lubluelu 202, a stick cordless vacuum cleaner for both hardwood floors and carpets, comes different brush types for cleaning different surfaces, so you can use it as a stick or a handheld dust sweeper.

This type of vacuum cleaners is super convenient for cleaning spills. Cars, homes, and other areas where large vacuums are not able to reach. The upright design, big floor brush, soft bristles, the long suction nozzle, make them the perfect choice for cleaning almost every surface, from carpeting/rug to hardwood floors, crevices to ceiling. They also come with the dustbin to clean the dirt easily instead of filtered bags.

2. Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners, including corded and cordless types, are much larger and heavier than the above stick type. They are ideal for cleaning wide areas, such as floor and carpets.

They are equipped with the brush rollers to loosen dirt, hair, and dust from floor or carpet surfaces and suck them with their suction power.

Due to the big size, this type of vacuum cleaners is ideal for floor and carpeting cleaner. The ceiling cleaning would be a little bit difficult since you have to lift it high to reach the ceiling.

3. Wet and Dry Vacuums

If you want a vacuum cleaner for wet carpet, the wet and dry vacuum cleaners are the right way to go. This type of vacuum cleaners can clean both dry and wet hardwood floors and rugs by adding the water tanks (clean and used water tanks) into a stick vac.

When you suck up dust, long human hair or fur hair on dry floor or carpets, the wet & dry vacs work just the same way as the stick vacuums. When you need to clean coffee, milk, ketchup, wet carpets and other wet surfaces, this type of vacs makes a big difference.

However, compared with those vacuum cleaners for dry surfaces, the wet & dry vacuums are more challenging and troublesome to clean and maintain, as you’ll need to empty and clean the water tank and dustbin, and fill up the water tank for your next cleaning task.

4. Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The canister vacuum cleaners are corded type and are appropriate for cleaning hard floor, small carpeted areas and stairs. The motor and the dirt receptable are separate and there is a suction hose between the motor and the dirt collector.

In other words, the motor (the main part with the brush rollers or the soft brush) suck up the dirt and then transmit the litter to the dirt receptable via the suction hose.

Due to the separate motor and dirt collector as well as the corded design, your floor and carpeting clean tasks would be quite messy.

5. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuums are the most convenient and smartest type so far since it can clean your home automatically on their own. All you need to do is downloading the app and mapping the cleaning route for the robot vac. It will just go back to the charging station automatically after it has finished the cleaning task.

However, the drawback is that it cannot clean every corner of your home since it is round shape and is not able to reach every area. If there are obstacles in the front of it, it will just keep crushing the obstacles and won't change its preset route.

The robot vacuum cleaners are the smartest type and they need to be connected to WiFi for smart mapping. Internet loss and failure to connect to WiFi would be an issue if your home network is not stable.

#2. Choose the Best Vacuum Based on Carpet Types

Different carpet materials or categories need different vacuums. Those common vacs with hardwood floor brushes may not be suitable for every carpet, especially those fragile plush carpets.

To help you sort out the best vacuum cleaners for your carpets quickly, I will categorize the carpets into 2 main types: the shag carpets (longer than 3 cm) and undercoat carpets.

1. Shaggy Carpets

Shaggy carpets or plush carpets & rugs mostly include Flokati, wool, mixed texture and leather shag carpets.

For this type, you shall use the vacuum sweeper with soft brush for your carpets, instead of those with brush rollers.

Vacuum cleaners with brush rollers (the floor brushes) will roll the “long hair” of your carpets. The hair of carpets would be ripped.


Luckily, most 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 vacuum cleaners include multiple brushes, enabling you to change the brush freely to clean different surfaces.

2. Undercoat Carpets

There are nylon & polyester carpets, short wool carpets, Triexta or Berber carpets, silk carpets, olefin or acrylic carpets, rhino or red carpets, Persian rugsand other natural fibers carpets in the undercoat carpet or rug type.

For this type of carpets, you can simply use the common floor bush (the big brush roller) as long as the hair of your carpets is less than 3 cm.

With a big floor brush, cleaning the whole carpet is just a piece of cake. If you want love to put on your floor with 70% of carpets, you’d better go for those short-hair carpets. Hence, you can simply clean it extremely fast.

#3. Insider Picks of Vacuums for Your Carpet Cleaning

No matter which category your carpet is, the below vacuum cleaners will clean the carpet completely and thoroughly.

1. Best Premium Pick: Lubluelu 202 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets Without Drilling Around/Under $150

Lubluelu 202 is one of the most versatile and best vacuum cleaners for both carpet and hardwood floor.

This carpet cleaner comes with 3 attachments – the common big floor brush with LED, one soft brush and one long suction nozzle.

You may use this powerful vacuum cleaner for your thick/thin undercoat carpets with the floor brush with the LED, and attach the soft brush to the vac for cleaning shaggy soft carpets and rugs or sofa.

With the advanced dust or hair extraction, this vacuum cleaner is able to remove hair, pet fur or pet dander easily. It is really a good option if you want a vacuum for cat or dog owners with carpets.

The unique feature of this vacuum cleaner for carpet, tile or wooden floors is its self-standing design. It means that you are able to stand it on the floor without falling. You don't need to drill holes on the wall to mount the carpet cleaner. If you want a wall-mounted vac, 202 also includes the bracket, enabling you to fix it to the wall.

As one of the strongest and best vacuum cleaners for carpet, Lubluelu 202 can suck up just hair, dust, pet dander just everything with 25 kPa suction power, on your fluffy carpets, jute rug, vinyl floors, laminate, frieze carpets & their edges, high-pile or low-pile carpet, stairs, etc. regardless iSense, Karastan, Mohawk, and other brands' carpets.

Product Image

202 – Best Rechargeable Self-Standing Upright 100% Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Product Name

Lubluelu 202


1.3 kg


Input: 100-240 V
Output: 31 V/0.5 A

Rated Power

235 W


25 kPa/17 kPa/10 kPa

Process Time

Up to 18 mins (Max. Suction Mode)
Up to 50 mins (Min. Suction Mode)

Dustbin Volume

0.5 L

2. Best Value Pick: Lubluelu 008 Battery-Operated Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets Under/Around $100

That’s currently the most affordable and high-quality vacuum cleaners for home and commercial office carpets.

Same as the above Lubluelu 202, the 2-in-1 008 vac also offers 3 accessories – floor brush with LED, the soft brush for your delicate and silk carpets and sofas, and the long suction nozzle to clean crevices.

This 2-in-1 stick and handheld vacuum cleaners can reach the ceilings by extending the telescopic tube, or clean hair, dust, moths on the floor, dense carpets, corners. The lightweight home and commercial vacuum cleaner is ideal for small-framed person with allergies, as it is capable of cleaning just every allergen in your home or business.

Product Image

008 – Rechargeable Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 5-Layer HEPA Filtration

Product Name

Lubluelu 008


1.3 kg


Input: 100-240 V
Output: 26.5 V/0.55 A

Rated Power

165 W


15 kPa/9 kPa

Process Time

Up to 20 mins (Max. Suction Mode)
Up to 40 mins (Min. Suction Mode)

Dustbin Volume

0.8 L

Please note that the above reviewed stick cordless vacuum cleaners are limited to dry carpets, like expensive rugs, hand-knotted rugs, looped carpets, long carpets. They are not able to be used for wet carpets, carpet shampooing, washing carpet stains or carpet with water.

It is easy for you to purchase the above industrial and home vacuum cleaners for carpets and rugs online with free shipping on Amazon, Walmart, official online store, regardless of where you live, US, UK, NZ, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, etc.

#4. Hottest Discussion (Your Insights Will Be Featured)

If you still cannot find the best vacuum cleaners for your carpets, please find answers in the below FAQs. You can also ask any question you want in the comment below. We will add your questions in this list😊

1. How to clean carpet with just a vacuum?

How to use carpet vacuum cleaner?

A: It is easy for you to use a vacuum cleaner on your carpet. With a cordless vacuum, just simply install the right brush to the motor, press the power button, just walk the vacuum cleaner on the carpet and all is done!

If you own a robot vacuum, just open your smartphone app, and launch the robot vac and it'll start to clean your whole home, including your floor and carpets automatically.

2. What is a good vacuum cleaner for carpet?

What are the best vacuum cleaners for carpet? What kind of vacuum cleaners for carpet? Is there a vacuum that vacuums and cleans carpet?

A: For a dry carpet, you can use stick cordless vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums for easy cleaning. For a wet carpet, it is suitable to use the wet and dry vacuum cleaner to wash your carpet and rug.

3. Do I need a vacuum if I have a carpet cleaner?

Is vacuum and carpet cleaner the same?

A: A vacuum cleaner is engineered for dry debris, dust, carpet moths, pet fur, and a carpet cleaner is for washing stains.

A vacuum cleaner is equal to a carpet cleaner if the vacuum is wet and dry 2-in-1 type.

4. How long do you have to stay off carpet after cleaning?

Can dogs or cats walk on carpet after cleaning?

A: Yes, your dogs, cats can walk on carpets after cleaning. Ideally, to avoid heavy traffic, keep children and pets off the carpet for over 6 hours after cleaning.

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