15 Useful and All-Round Accessories for Every Vacuum Cleaner Type

15 Useful and All-Round Accessories for Every Vacuum Cleaner Type

Vacuum cleaners can free your hands and make cleaning not a trouble anymore. In addition to basic attachments like battery, power adapter, garbage collector and floor brush, a vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a wide range of accessories – some accessories you may never notice😉.

This guide helps you have a full understand of each vac tool. Read on 👇 for overall info to unleash your vacuum cleaner with different accessories.

Guide includes:

↕️Part 1: Full-Range Accessories for Every Vacuum Type

↕️Part 2: FAQs on Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Top 15 Accessories of Your Vacuum Cleaners (To Be Continued)

Most vacuum cleaners come with various attachments, which are used for different purposes. 

If your vac accessories have been used for a long time or broken, you need to buy additional brand-new accessories to maintain your dust sweeper.

Here are top 15 vacuum cleaner accessories that you need to make the most out of your electric broom.

1. Roller Brush

The roller brush consists of a belt, a roller, and a small vacuum head motor. The drum is driven by a motor or an air turbine. It uses a rotating brush to brush up the dust and then suck them in.

A roller brush is suitable for cleaning all kinds of large areas such as hardwood floor, tile floor, wool carpet, leather shag carpet nylon carpet, etc. It can stir the fiber to deeply clean the rugs and carpets.

2. Soft Brush

A soft brush is usually designed with a soft nylon bristle, which can gently capture dust and particles without scratching the surface.

This attachment is the perfect choice for cleaning windows, shutters, lampshades, picture frames, dryer vents, computer keyboards, rugs, car seats and other decorative items.

3. Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is very suitable for cleaning narrow spaces such as gaps and corners. It is equipped with a narrow nozzle to increase the suction when entering a tight space.

Crevice tool is great for hard-to-reach places like car seats, behind furniture, between sofa cushions, behind air vents, computer keyboards, etc.

4. Upholstery Attachment

This tool has a small & flat head and is suitable for cleaning fabric surfaces, such as mattresses, sofas, cushions and other fabric parts.

5. Mattress Refresher

It is not always equipped with every dust sweeper, but is great for collecting allergens such as fluff, dust and dust mites on the mattresses.

This kit is very wide to cover more mattress areas to increase the cleaning efficiency. It is also useful for deep sofas cleaning and other upholstery.

6. Multi-Angle Brush

A bent hose and a rotating head enable the tool to extend and bend into tight gaps. It can bend at the joint, and you can change the angle to the desired direction, making it easy to contact hard-to-reach dust and debris.

Its multi-angle design helps this tool effectively clean challenging places such as ceiling fans, lamps, under refrigerators or car seats.

7. Brush Cleaning Tool

Hair tends to accumulate in your brush. If not cleaned in time, it will affect the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. You can use the equipped hair removal brush tool to remove the tangled hair and fibers wrapped on the brush roll from the vacuum cleaner in seconds.

8. Battery

For a battery-operated vacuum cleaner, the battery is a key accessory, which is the power source of the vacuum cleaner.

Choose a rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner. For a large house, you can purchase spare battery to double the runtime of the vac.

9. Power Adapter

All vacuum cleaners are equipped with power adapter accessories, which are used to directly supply electricity to the vacuum devices or charge the battery of the cordless vacuum cleaner.

10. Water Tank

Some vacuum cleaners have other innovative features that offer more possibilities for vacs. The water tank is one of the unique designs. It is not a necessary part of all vacuum cleaners. You can choose to buy it extra.

With a built-in water tank, vacuum cleaners can both mop and vacuum, keeping your home clean with little or no effort.

Note: Vacuum cleaners with water tank can only be used to deal with a small area of liquid dirt, such as ketchup, coffee, milk and sauce. You need to clean the wet cloth in time, or your whole home will be polluted.

11. Dustbin/Dust Bag

Vacuum cleaners apply dustbins or dust bags to collect garbage vacuumed from cleaned spaces. This depends on whether the vacuum cleaner is bagless or bagged.

The bagless vacuum cleaner uses the included dustbin to collect litter and the HEPA filter to filter dirt. You do not need to change the dustbin, but regularly press the button on the dustbin to empty the dust. If necessary, you can gently wipe it with a dry cloth.

Bagged vacuum cleaners use dust bags to store garbage. You need to replace them when the trash is full, and they are disposable and not reusable.

12. HEPA Filter

HEPA filters can protect the vacuum by preventing hard debris from damaging the unit. It is capable of trapping dirt and debris, without allowing them to leak into the air.

It can filter out particles larger than 1 micron, be it hair, pet fur, dust mites, coffee beans, etc. They will be intercepted by this attachment.

It is a good practice to replace the HEPA filter of the vacuum cleaner every six months. Purchase placement filter sold on the official store, Amazon store or Walmart store.

13. Remote Control

Remote control may be used in robot vacuums. Most smart sweepers can be controlled through the app on the mobile phone. However, in order to take care of the elderly, some manufacturers also provide additional remote controls. 

14. Extension Wand

This accessory extends the range of vacuum cleaner use. With the extension tool, you can easily clean the ceiling, vents, lamps or the top of high furniture without climbing ladders or using other tools.

Adjust the length of the upright vacuum cleaner according to your cleaning needs to have the ultimate cleaning experience.

15. Dust Cover

This is an accessory to protect the vacuum cleaner. The dust cover can protect the vacuum cleaner from dust, dirt and water. It is a simple scheme to maintain your hoover. Buy a dust cover that fits the size of your vacuum cleaner to prevent the equipment from being damaged or rusting.

FAQs on Vacuum Cleaner Accessory

Q1. Do upright vacuums have attachments?

Yes, almost all upright vacuums come with various attachments, including floor brush, soft brush, crevice tool, extension wand, battery... to meet your all cleaning needs.

Q2. Can a vacuum cleaner clean curtains?

You can use a cordless vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum cleaner to clean the curtain, which is easier to reach the top of the curtain.

But it may spoil the fabric curtain if used improperly. Replace the brush head with an upholstery attachment, preventing the curtain from being damaged during cleaning.

Q3. Where can I get the best vacuum cleaner accessories?

You should get them from the official website where you can get the original accessories. Be careful when you buy accessories. Fake ones will not only waste your money, but also damage your sweepers.

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