Q: Weak suction power

A: 1.Incorrect installation may result in weak suction power.Please check that each interface is normal assembled and choose suitable speed mode.
2.The lack of suction power has a lot to do with dust clogging. Please kindly check and clean the HEPA, filter system and the air ducts in time.

Q: Battery run time not as stated

A: 1.Battery is not fully charged:Please kindly charge the battery for 3-4 hours and then use it. 3.Speed mode is too big:According to the verification of our technical department, the standard time difference of about 3min is a normal phenomenon. Please try again by choosing suitable speed mode for different ground condition.

Q: The battery is not holding charge

1.A: The adapter and the battery pack are not connected or there is no power at the plug: Please check if the connection is normal and the plug is in good condition before charging. 2.The adapter is misused:If the power light has been flashing, please check whether to use a special adapter, other adapters will have an impact on the product (Please be sure to use our dedicated adapter ). 3.Electrical failure or protection: Because our products have high temperature protection,the battery has to be at 50-55 degrees to work properly. Please cool the battery 1-2H before charging when the temperature is too high.
If you still have problem after confirming the above steps,we judges that maybe the adapter or battery pack is faulty. Please be assured that we will provide you with new parts after confirming the problem clearly.