Business Partnership


Thank you for your interest in distributing Lubluelu products.

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We are dedicated to supporting your new business every step of the way.


    • Guarantee of high quality standards

      With decades of expertise in manufacturing and export, you can be sure that the products you received meet the highest quality standards and comply with the local regulations.


    • Professional advice and support

      Our team of professionals is prepared to offer knowledgeable guidance and assistance about the Lubluelu products, including their features, applications, and technical details. In addition, we are prepared to address any inquiries you might have regarding maintenance, warranties, and after-sale support.


    • Attractive prices and supportive cooperation

      We provide competitive distribution prices together with a customized strategy to meet our partners' demands. Our objective is to build a mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnership. We are willing to work with you to modify the terms of our partnership to meet your needs.


    • Fast delivery

      We guarantee prompt delivery of Lubluelu products to your warehouse or other location as an experienced manufacturer. You'll be able to quickly satisfy the demands of your clients as a consequence.


  • Marketing support

    We provide marketing assistance in the form of advertising materials, product graphics, product descriptions and information on news and promotions for the Lubluelu brand. This will enable you to promote Lubluelu products in your distribution channels and attract customer attention.


        We're looking forward to working with you!