Vacuum Cleaner Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022: Insiders’ Guide to MEGA SAVE

Vacuum Cleaner Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022: Insiders’ Guide to MEGA SAVE

Do vacuums go on sale for Prime Day?

Yes!!! Prime Day is the best time to shop your favorite vacuum cleaners at the best prices, except Black Friday.

Today, we'll provide 100% workable tips to help you save BIGGEST on vacuum cleaner prime day deals, while offering step-by-step guide to get prepared for the yearly mega sales.

Expressway to Save:
#1. Best Vacuum Cleaner Prime Day Deals
#2. Where to Shop Vacuum Deals on Prime Day
#3. How to Save HUGE on Amazon Prime Day
#4. Prime Day Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Best Vacuum Cleaner Amazon Prime Day Deals in 2022

You'll find the best cordless vacuum cleaners at every budget with versatile features, meeting your every cleaning need.

1. Best Premium Self-Standing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Lubluelu 202

This battery vacuum cleaner stands on the floor on its own, without drilling holes on the wall to install the wall mount for storing the vacuum. Other sweepers need to be wall mounted, otherwise, they’ll fall down.

When there is anything unexpected during your cleaning – your pet knocks over the coffee beans, your guests ring your doorbell, you can simply put this self-standing upright vacuum cleaner aside directly, without dropping it on the floor or finding the mounting position.

Fascinating Features of 202

  • Self-standing, no drilling
  • 4-layer true HEPA filtration
  • Multiple attachments
  • 3 adjustable suction modes
  • Point-and-shoot dustbin

Watch the video below to see how this vacuum cleaner performs in a pet room.

Noreen, a 202 big fan, shared her feedback after using 202:

I LOVE this vacuum cleaner. It's lightweight, easy to clean the brush bar and even easier to empty. It picks up cat hair easily and I can get it upstairs and downstairs without losing my breath. If you didn't get one, you don't know what you're missing!!

2. Best Budget Rechargeable Battery Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner: Lubluelu 008

It is currently one of the best affordable and high-quality rechargeable vacuum cleaners. With 5-layer HEPA filtration, this sweeper is able to filter and swallow all particles and dust without leaking into the air. Your home will be full of fresh air without worrying about the dust and allergens.

It has 3 attachments – including the LED roller brush, the soft brush and the crevice tool, making it one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners in taking care of all cleaning tasks. You may use it to clean your hardwood or tile floors, carpets, ceiling, stairs, sofas, beds, mattresses, crevices, nooks, high places, fragile surfaces, cars, etc.

This one-for-all dust sweeper is also lightweight and portable, so you are able to get it upstairs and stairs, or indoors to outdoors without losing your breath. The one-press dustbin is engineered for easy emptying. Clean the dirt without touching it.

Check why GregglesTV, a tech geek, loves Lubluelu 008 so much.

#2. Where to Shop Best Vacuum Cleaner Amazon Prime Day Deals

Prime Day is not the only shopping day on Amazon. Nowadays, almost every online shopping platform all launches annual Prime Day discounts so that customers globally are able to purchase the best products at rather favorable prices.

Simply enjoy one-stop online shopping for the best vacuum cleaner Prime Day deals on official online store, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, Target, etc.

#3. How to Save HUGE on Amazon Prime Day Sales 2022

Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping seasons. Not just vacuum cleaners, try the below tips to shop and save on everything you wanna buy😊

1. Subscribe the Newsletter & Follow Vacuum Cleaner Social Media

Vacuum cleaner brands launch the Prime Day deals even earlier than Amazon Prime Day. Subscribe your favorite brands' newsletter to stay tunned for the latest updates on Prime Day deals. Companies will send emails to you when deals begin.

Besides, vacuum cleaners will also announce their Prime Day sales on their social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Follow the brand's social media to stay tuned. Brands may also include the exclusive coupons for their fans. So, you might get extra discounts if you follow their social media.

2. Join in Vacuum Cleaner Brands' Giveaway Campaigns

Giveaways are one of the most common ways for brands to promote their sales. You may join in the giveaway campaigns to have a chance to win a FREE vacuum cleaner.

The giveaways are often easy to join in. All you need to do is sharing the giveaway post or subscribing the newsletter, following the social media to earn accesses to join in the giveaway.

Generally speaking, the more accesses you take part in the giveaway, the more chances you’ll win your dream vacuum, FREE!

3. Take Advantage of Promotions on Prime Day

Vacuum cleaner brand sometimes would launch the bundle sales – the buy-more-save-more sales on Prime Day.

For example, if you buy one vacuum cleaner, you save 30%. If you buy 2 at the same time, you'll get 40% off.

If you are not sure whether the vacuum cleaner company will launch the bundle sales, you can simply write an email or send a message via Facebook for the "freshest" ideas before Prime Day deals.

4. Check the Credit Card Offers

Credit card companies will also provide cash back on Amazon purchases or on other online shopping platforms. For example, cardholders of Discover credit cards can get 5% cashback on online purchases during Prime Day deals.

If you wanna save more, do check your credit cards and enquire the extra offers from your credit card companies before your purchase.

5. Prepare Well for Prime Day Deals with 3 Easiest Steps

While focusing on the insiders' tips on saving big, you'll also need to prepare well before discounts kick off.

Bear the below 3-step shopping tips at mind in June and enjoy the shopping event in July.

Step 1. Make a list and a budget. If you would love to take advantage of Prime Day savings, do make a budget as well as a list of everything you are considering buying. This will avoid getting sidetracked by items you don't need and give you rooms for buying extra items if anything special catches your eyes. A budget planning will encourage you to stick to your financial goals without expending excessively.

Step 2. Add items to cart. Add every item you need to cart before Prime Day. This will avoid rushing to add things that you don't need. ONLY Add items you like or need without spending on things you don't need at all.

Step 3. Set alerts for items and make payments. Items on Prime Day deals would tend to sell out quickly. Do set alerts for items before the sales begin and make payments as soon as possible.

#4. Prime Day Deals Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions on Prime Day sales, you can leave your questions in the comment below. Meanwhile, we have included some FAQs in this list here.

1. What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events created by Amazon. This shopping event is a full two-day (48-hour) event and offers sales on just everything, from tech to fashion.

At before, Prime Day is only exclusive on Amazon. Now, Prime Day has become a Global Shopping Day. Almost every online platform holds sales on Prime Day, attracting more and more customers to shop.

2. When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Traditionally, Amazon held its Prime Day shopping event in mid-to-late July. If this tradition holds true, it would suggest that Prime Day 2022 will be launched on Monday, July 18 and Tuesday, July 19, 2022 (predicted).

3. Do I Need to Be a Prime Member?

If you shop on Amazon during Prime Day shopping event, YES, you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up for a 30-day trial to access Prime Day.

If you shop on other online platforms rather than Amazon, NO, you don't need to be a Prime member. Just add items to cart and make the payment directly – add-and-pay, without extra fees on Prime members.

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