Vacuum Cleaners for Dust Mites: Get Rid of Allergens with Cleaning Experts’ Advice

Vacuum Cleaners for Dust Mites: Get Rid of Allergens with Cleaning Experts’ Advice

Most home allergens – dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other ultrafine particles – can be removed or reduced easily with a vacuum cleaner.

With a vacuum cleaner for dust mites, you will be relieved from the allergic reactions, while breathing clean air.

Lubluelu cleaning experts with several decades' experience in cleaning tech, provides the below effective cleaning solutions, helping you to get the best vacuum cleaners for dust mites that will last and be easy-to-maintain.

Dedust Your Home With:

#1. Top 4 Vacuum Cleaners for Dust Mites
Best Budget: 008
Best Unique: 202
Best Anti-Tangle: 006
Best Robot Vac: SG60
#2. Top 5 Home Remedies for Dust Mite Allergies

#1. Top 4 Vacuum Cleaners for Dust Mites

If you are urgent to get advice on vacuums for dust allergies without breaking the bank, the below hoovers are undoubtedly the best options.

Check this overview table for the sneak peek. You may skip to the detailed reviews under the table.

Product Model

Product Image

Product Type

Floor Type


Lubluelu 008

Cordless Upright or Handheld

Carpets, Hardwood, Tile, Marble Floors, Leather/Fabric Upholstery

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Lubluelu 202

Cordless Upright or Handheld

Carpets, Hardwood, Tile, Marble Floors, Leather/Fabric Upholstery

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Lubluelu 006

Cordless Upright or Handheld

Carpets, Hardwood, Tile, Marble Floors, Leather/Fabric Upholstery

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Lubluelu SG60

Smart Robot Vacuum

Carpets, Hardwood, Tile, Marble Floors

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1. Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner for Dust: Lubluelu 008

On a tight budget when looking for a vacuum cleaner for your apartment with carpets & floors without breaking the bank?

Lubluelu 008 stick vacuum cleaner includes every feature you have without being costly.

The vac has 3 different attachments for you to clean all dust mites on different surfaces and areas. For example, the big roller brush is often used to remove dust mites on floors, carpets and stairs. Clean the dust mites on your bed, mattress or sofa with the upholstery, and remove dust on gaps or crevices with the crevice tool.

When you attach the upholstery tool or the crevice tool to the motor directly, you can use 008 as a handheld vacuum cleaner to get dust off of your desks, bookcases, bed areas or furniture.

With 5-layer true HEPA filtration system, this hoover is able to clean and seal the dust firmly without spreading it around.

It also comes with a telescope pipe, so you adjust the extension wand to reach any hard-to-reach area, leaving dust no way to escape.

Watch the video below for more features of this rechargeable vacuum cleaner for dust mites.

2. Best Unique Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Mites: Lubluelu 202

This upright vacuum cleaner also has 3 attachments, designed to remove dust and dust mites on different surfaces at your home.

With just one single stand-alone vac, you are able to keep your carpets, floors, stairs, sofas, beds, rugs, furniture and gaps dust-free.

The unique point of the portable vacuum cleaner is the self-standing design. "self-standing" means no drilling and no screwing.

You are able to store this vacuum cleaner without wall mount, so your home wall remains perfect without drilling holes to mount the hoover.

With the removable rechargeable battery, it is just a piece of cake to clean your whole home easily, without being trapped by the wires and without being limited by the cable length like those wired vacs have.

The 202 cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the bestie sweepers for allergies, pets, carpets and floors at home, apartment or office. You are able to keep those allergens at bay with this hoover.

Don't just take my words. See what our customers say in the video below.

3. Best Anti-Tangle Vacuum Cleaner for Irritants and Allergens: Lubluelu 006

This bagless vacuum cleaner traps dust mites and other irritants with 5-layer HEPA filtration and keeps the litter in the dustbin without leaking.

Once the dustbin is full, simply press the button on the dustbin and the litter will fall down directly – no need to clean the dust and rubbish by your hands.

The ultra wide-angle roller brush with the anti-tangle design picks up just any allergen and litter, such as pet dander/fur, dust mites, pollen, coffee beans, cereal, long human hair without twining the brush. Clean the brush around every 2 weeks instead of removing the hair or debris every day.

The battery vacuum cleaner works up to 50 minutes with one single charge. able to clean around 1,076 ft2 areas, no more frequent recharging.

4. Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Dust on Floors & Carpets: Lubluelu SG60

This robot vacuum with HEPA filter is able to clean almost every particle on your floors and carpets, regardless dust mites, fine dust cleaning, pet dander/hair, long human hair, lead dust, and other allergens.

It can remove the dust automatically without cleaning it by your hands. One tap on the app, and the smart robot vacuum cleaner will start cleaning the dirt and dust on your home, which is currently one of the best auto vacs for dust mite allergies.

This robot vacuum has the roller brush and two side brushes, increasing the cleaning areas greatly. All dust and dirt will be picked up by this smart auto sweeper instantly.

The extra large-capacity battery works up to 130 minutes with one charge, so it can clean around 1,400 ft2 areas easily. It will go back to the charging station for recharging after the cleaning task is done!

SG60 smart robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to release your hands when it comes to chores and troublesome home cleaning. It is effective in cleaning all dust and dirt on your floors and carpets, such as construction dust, builders' dust, drywall dust, sawdust, plaster dust, silica dust cement dust, carpet dust, etc.

#2. Top 5 Home Remedies for Dust Mite Allergies

Besides buying a good-quality vacuum cleaner for dust, here are some effective steps you can take to minimize dust mites, pet dander and other allergens.

Step 1. Opt to dust mite proofing bedding. Choose the dust mite proofing bedding to cover your bed mattress, sheet, pillows. This will reduce allergens, helping you relieve from allergic reactions.

Step 2. Reduce carpeting at home. Carpets are comfortable. But pet dander/hair, dust mites, and pollen love carpeting as it provides warmth and hiding places. You need to vacuum your carpets at least once per week to keep them dust-free.

If you have serous allergies, it is advised to reduce the carpeting as much as you can.

Step 3. Use a dehumidifier for humid areas. Dust mites reproduce extremely fast in a humid environment. If you live in a humid area, consider getting a dehumidifier to keep your home dry, preventing those dust mites from growing.

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