Top 3 Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners of 2022 (Full Review & Video)

Top 3 Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners of 2022 (Full Review & Video)

A rechargeable vacuum cleaner is a perfect tool for cleaning anywhere anytime, freeing you from the frustrating hassle of cords. You can easily clean small and out-of-the-way places without worrying about being confined to an outlet. They are lightweight, portable and apt to clean homes, apartments, cars, stairs, windows, gardens, etc.

Contrary to rechargeable vacuum cleaners, some hoovers use batteries that are not rechargeable and all you can do is to replace the battery after the energy runs out, which is both eco-unfriendly and costly.

Read on to learn all you need to know about rechargeable vacuum cleaners, including 4 main aspects:

1. Rechargeable vs. non-rechargeable battery

2. Pros of rechargeable vacuum cleaners

3. Best rechargeable vacuum cleaners

4. Discussion on hottest questions

Part 1. Types of Batteries: Rechargeable vs. Non-Rechargeable

Batteries provide power to vacuum cleaners without having to be limited by the length of power cord. Based on their ability to be reused, batteries are classified into two categories: rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Below are the main differences between them:

Battery life

Rechargeable batteries can be re-used by recharging after complete discharge. It is estimated to be recharged 150-500 times. Although a rechargeable battery will reduce the endurance capacity with the passage of time and continuous charging, it is not necessary to buy a new battery as long as it can maintain the power required for a deep cleaning (about 30 minutes).

Non-rechargeable batteries can only be fully discharged once. When they run out of energy, you need to dispose of them.

Battery cost

Rechargeable batteries are more expensive than non-rechargeable batteries. However, they offer better long-term value than single-use batteries. The more you use them, the cheaper they become.

Common rechargeable battery types are lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries.

Non-rechargeable batteries include Leclanché, zinc-carbon, and alkaline batteries.

Part 2. Pros of Owning a Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaners make vacuuming a breeze. Once you experience the convenience and benefits of this type of vacuum cleaner, you'll part with your outlet vacuum cleaner.


Battery-powered vacuums tend to be safer than vacuums with power cords. If you have babies or pets in your home, they may trip over cords or even the machine. Direct electricity power also presents a host of safety issues. When you use a battery vacuum cleaner, these safety concerns are eliminated.


Rechargeable vacuums do not need to be restricted to places with outlets. You can take it to places where limited vacuums cannot reach or are not easily accessible, such as under beds, stairs, curtains, windows, ceilings, and cars. You don't need to search for an outlet, or take heavy and lengthy cords with you, you can carry it anytime.

Quick Cleanup

If you need to clean up quickly, you need to take the corded vacuum cleaner out, sort out the mess of cords and find the outlet to plug it in, which is time-consuming and troublesome.

A cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner omits the above processes. You just need to grab it and turn on the cleaning mode.

Convenient Storage

A rechargeable vacuum cleaner eliminates the hassle of wires, so after use, you just need to hang it on the wall or lean it against the wall.

Some self-standing vacuum cleaners without wall mount can be placed anywhere you want because they are able to stand on the floors by themselves, such as the Lubluelu 202.

High Utilization

Rechargeable vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with versatile tools to meet your different cleaning needs. It can be used to clean not only large areas such as floors, carpets and ceilings, but also sofas, mattresses, crevices and car seats. Corded vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are generally only used to clean floors.

Part 3. Top 3 Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners

The below recommended vacuum cleaners include a robot vacuum and upright vacuums. They are all equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries for whole-home cleaning.

1. Lubluelu SG60: Best WiFi Rechargeable Robot Vacuum with 130 Mins Runtime

For a rechargeable robot vacuum, consider the SG60 that will take care of all your floor-cleaning needs with a long duration.

SG60 is equipped with four batteries with 2600 mAh power, enabling 130 minutes of runtime with one single charge (in silent mode). One charge can complete the whole-house cleaning without frequent charges, which makes this robot vacuum a great choice for larger houses.

It uses two edge brushes and a roller brush to quickly pick up pet hair and dry debris on bare floors. Its round profile design helps it navigate into edges and under furniture. After cleaning in auto mode, the machine will automatically return to the docking station to recharge.


Product Image

Product Name

Lubluelu SG60


2.8 kg

Process Time

Silent Mode: 120-130 mins
Standard Mode: 100-110 mins
Strong Mode: 70-80 mins

Control Way

App, Remote Control, Manual

Dustbin Volume

0.6 L

Suction Mode

2,700 Pa/1,500 Pa/600 Pa


2. Lubluelu 202: Best Self-Standing Battery-Operated Vacuum Cleaner with 50 Mins Runtime

The 202 is a good choice if you have pets and various kinds of floors. It is a 100% cordless upright vacuum cleaner powered by a rechargeable battery.


In addition, this Lubluelu 202 cordless vacuum has a runtime of up to 50 minutes, allowing you to vacuum the entire home with a single charge. If you have a larger home, you can purchase a spare battery so you can double the runtime.

It has an excellent rating for cleaning carpets, bare floors and stairs. It includes a 4-layer HEPA filtration system that captures both tiny and large particles and allergens.

Key features:

Up to 50 minutes of run time

Weighs 2.87 lbs.

Comes with versatile tools

Powerful 25 kPa suction for fast cleaning

Below is the video showing you how this rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner works in all corners of your home:


3. Lubluelu 008: Best Budget Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner with 40 Mins Duration

This powerful rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner is also 100% wire-free, without troublesome cables.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly rechargeable vacuum cleaner, the 008 is a reliable choice. What's impressive is its runtime. In our tests, it runs for 40 minutes on a single charge when we adjust this lithium-ion battery vacuum to the lowest speed and use the long suction nozzle. When in maximum mode, it lasts up to 20 minutes of continuous operation.

Despite its relatively affordable price, this vacuum cleaner has a top-of-the-line configuration in the vac field around $100, and its powerful 15 Kpa suction power allows it to do a great job of removing debris from bare floors, carpets, cracks and all surfaces.

It has a HEPA filter that will not muddle fine particles as you clean, so if you or your family members suffer from allergies, the 008 is a great choice for you.

Watch the video below to get more features about Lubluelu 008 battery-operated portable vacuum cleaner:


Part 4. Discussion on Hottest Questions

Q1. Do cordless vacuums have less suction?

When it comes to suction, cordless vacuum cleaners generally get a lower score. The reason for this is that corded vacuums are plugged into the home's power source. The battery in a cordless vacuum cleaner is the source of suction. When the battery starts to deplete and run out, you will naturally experience lower suction power.

Cordless rechargeable vacuums do not provide unlimited power like plug-in vacuums. However, you can aim for rechargeable vacuum cleaners with lithium-ion batteries, which can perform as powerfully as corded devices.

Q2. How long should a handheld vacuum battery last?

Typically, a handheld vacuum cleaner's battery will last 40-60 minutes when fully charged. Some types of batteries are smaller and are only effective for 30-40 minutes, while the worst devices may only work for about 10-20 minutes before they need to be recharged.

Q3. Which cordless vacuum is best value for money?

The Lubluelu 008 is the best cordless battery-operated vacuum at a budget-friendly price. It has a long runtime of up to 40 mins, performing well in cleaning debris and particles on all kinds of surfaces.

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