Introducing Product 09: The Perfect Solution for Everyday Needs

Introducing Product 09: The Perfect Solution for Everyday Needs

When considering the lubluelu-09 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, it's important to take note of its specifications. These include its dimensions, weight, voltage, power, suction capability, process time, and control method. These specifications provide a comprehensive understanding of the vacuum cleaner's capabilities and help you determine if it meets your specific cleaning needs.



With its powerful brushless motor, the lubluelu-09 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner delivers exceptional suction performance. It comes with three cleaning modes, allowing you to customize the cleaning process based on the type of surface you're working on. Whether it's carpets, hardwood floors, or other surfaces, this vacuum cleaner has got you covered.



Anti-tangle technology

One notable feature of the lubluelu-09 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is its anti-tangle technology, which minimizes hair wrapping around the brush and ensures smoother operation.The special design contributes to cleaning floors and carpets and the pet hair. This feature saves you time and effort by preventing interruptions during the cleaning process.



Long running time

In terms of battery life, the lubluelu-09 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner offers a long running time, allowing you to clean for extended periods without needing to recharge frequently. This is particularly useful when cleaning larger spaces or multiple rooms in one session.



Lightweight design

The lightweight design of the lubluelu-09 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner makes it easy to maneuver and handle during cleaning. This feature adds to the overall convenience and user-friendly nature of the device, reducing strain and fatigue during prolonged use.


Air purification filtration system

Additionally, the vacuum cleaner includes an air purification filtration system, ensuring that not only does it clean the surfaces effectively, but it also helps maintain a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. The filtration system captures fine dust particles and allergens, promoting improved air quality in your home.



Product Name 09
Packing Size
15.8x 12.8x7.1 in
Rated Power 200 W
Suction 225W/23KPA
Process Time

Eco (45 mins), Mid (30 mins), and Max (15 mins).

Control Method Push Button

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In conclusion, the lubluelu-09 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and versatile cleaning device that offers advanced features to simplify and enhance your cleaning routine. Its brushless motor, three cleaning modes, anti-tangle technology, long battery life, lightweight design, and air purification filtration system make it a reliable and efficient companion for maintaining a clean and healthy living space.

If you want to read more information about the lubluelu 09 click here.


Tips: The Heap Filter should be changed every six months. The roller brushes should be clean after one or two month.





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