Best Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair: Buying Guide & Insider’s Pick

Best Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair: Buying Guide & Insider’s Pick

Living with your furry friends means a lot of fun. But pet hair can be a pain. Pet hair is one of the most difficult things to deal with when cleaning floors. Their hair and dander are everywhere, caught in fibers and under furniture.

A robot vacuum can take some cleaning duties off your plate. It can walk around the floor independently and pick up all pet hair and debris. You can spend more time with your furry friends.

How to pick the right robotic vacuum for home with pets? We're here to help. We've also tested a range of models to find the best robot vacuum for pet hair.

List includes:

1. Is a robot vacuum for pet hair worth it

2. How to pick a robot vacuum for pet hair

3. Top-rated robotic vacuum for pet hair

1. Is a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair Worth It

10000%. If you're a pet owner, a robotic vacuum can help you clean up pet fur everywhere. Whether you have a cat, dog or other furry friends, the excellent model can help you clean up hair, dander, food crumbs and spilled litter.

You can enjoy the convenience of automatic cleaning with a robotic vacuum. It can save you a lot of time and work. Getting a model that can be intelligently controlled is worth it. You can monitor the robot vacuum through a mobile app and pick up the pet's hair whenever and wherever you want.

Robot vacuums feature the ability to clean pet hair from different types of floors, including hardwood floors, tile floors, laminate floors and carpets. It can give you a seamless cleaning experience, not missing any hair and debris your shedding pet left.

In a word, with a robotic vacuum, you can just enjoy time with your furry friends, without worrying about the hair they leave behind.

2. How to Pick a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

When it comes to buying the best robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair, choose a device with the following features:

#1. Suction Power

The suction power of a robot vacuum is measured in pascals. The higher the value, the better the model. A vacuum with strong suction power can work well on a wide range of floor types, including pulling pet hair out of the fibers on carpets.

#2. Infrared Sensors

Choose a machine with an advanced infrared sensor that can more accurately adjust the suction according to the floor types, which is not only efficient but also energy-saving.

In addition, anti-collision sensor and anti-drop sensor are also essential factors. They enable the sweeper to change the direction automatically upon encountering obstacles such as furniture or walls, to prevent damage to the machine.

#3. Dustbin Capacity

Pet hair falls out every day. You need to clean the floor with your robot vacuum every day. Small trash cans need to be emptied more frequently. Unless you have a device that is self-emptying, you need to buy a model with a large capacity bin, at least 400 ml.

#4. HEPA Filter

If you have pets, look for a machine with a HEPA filter. HEPA filter can capture 99.97% of particles of at least 0.3 microns, including pet hair, dander, common allergens and dust particles.

#5. Runtime

It would be annoying if your machine ran out of power when cleaning. Pick a device with a long runtime to ensure it has enough battery power to finish the whole-home cleaning job.

#6. Noise

Some cats and dogs are scared of robot vacuums, especially the noise the machine makes when it is working. Look for a quiet robot vacuum that runs without disturbing your noise-sensitive pets.

#7. App Control

With an app on your smartphone, you can control every action of your robot anytime, anywhere. You can control and monitor it remotely, such as setting cleaning schedules, adjusting suction power, monitoring real-time cleaning status, etc.

#8. No-Go Zones

You can set areas you don't want it to clean, such as around your pet's drinking machine or food bowls. Custom cleaning allows you to create virtual borders and clean scheduled areas.

3. Best Top-Rated Smart Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair: Lubluelu SG60

The best robot vacuum we tested for pet hair is the Lubluelu SG60. This vacuum cleaner offers up to 2,700 Pa of suction power and does a great job of handling pet hair on both low and high pile carpets, not to mention bare floors.

It has 3 cleaning modes to be adjusted to clean different surfaces. You can also easily remove the brush roll to clean up any tangled pet hair.

With a built-in HEPA filter, it does a fantastic job of capturing tiny pet allergens and intercepting them tightly to ensure that they won’t leak back into your home. If you are sensitive to allergens, it is a perfect choice.

It comes with a 2600 mAh battery that provides up to 130 minutes of runtime, enough to give your home a complete deep clean. You can use the equipped magnetic strip to set boundary lines that the vacuum won't cross, or to guide it to clean a specific area.

It has a noise output of 56 dB in silent mode, which is quiet enough not to disturb or scare your pets. You can also control your robot via your smartphone, when you connect SG60 to WiFi.

So, the Lubluelu SG60 is a great option if you are looking for a premium and overall robot vacuum for pet hair.

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