Top 15 Uses of Vacuum Cleaners Your Never Thought to Do

Top 15 Uses of Vacuum Cleaners Your Never Thought to Do

I bumped a question on Quora:

What are the 10 uses for a vacuum cleaner?

I was thinking like "What? Vacuum cleaners can use for other things besides cleaning?"

Hence, I started to dig up and tried the vacuum cleaner at my home, and realized that:

YESSSSSSSS!! Vacuum cleaners have a lot of mysterious uses that you never thought!

Follow me to unveil top unexpected uses of vacuum cleaners. You are invited to share unique uses that I didn't find out!

15 Surprising Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaners

It turns out that keeping your carpets and floors clean is just one of tons of things you can do with your home vacuum cleaner.

The below top marvelous uses might surprise you!

1. Vacuum Your Floors & Carpets

The first and the basic use of a vacuum cleaner is vacuuming your home. With a vac, you are able to suck up all dirt on your floors and carpets, keeping your home dust-free.

The hoover, especially those high suction power vacuum cleaners, sucks up particles, debris, and other stubborn dirt on the floors and carpets, keeping your home spick-and-span.

2. Look for Small Items

Have you ever dropped small items, such as earrings, on carpets and cannot find them?

A sweeper is the perfect tool to help you recover your lost small items.

Pull a stocking over the roller brush, turn on your vacuum cleaner and go over the area of carpeting, floors and other areas where you dropped the items.

Your vac will suck the item up and the stocking will hold it in place for you.

3. Ice out Carpet Indentations

Fixing the indentations in your carpets is easy. You'll never be bothered by those carpet dents that were left behind by heavy furniture.

Put ice cubes on those indentations and wait for them to melt. The water will encourage the carpet dents to return to their original shapes.

Now vacuum over the wet sports with your carpet vacuum cleaner to bring your carpets back to their upright positions.

4. Get Rid of Pests

Our homes may be also homes for unwanted visitors, from dusts to mice, from bed bugs to fleas.

Use the dust sweeper to vacuum your home thoroughly to suck dropped crumbs or food debris to prevent mice from visiting your home by limiting their food resources.

More importantly, do use the vacuum cleaner on all surfaces, including beds, mattresses, furniture, which can kill fleas, dust mites and bed rugs.

5. Relieve Allergic or Asthma Symptoms

Dust mites, pollen and other particles are triggers of allergy and asthma. If you are experience seasonal allergy symptoms inside your home, it could be the sign that pollen has made its way in your house.

Vacuum every surface and area, especially window grills, window tracks, window screens and sills to remove any dust, pollen and other allergens & irritants.

You can also use the suitable attachment of your hoover to eliminate dust on fans, air conditioners, heating vents, creating a dust-free and allergen-free home.

6. Perfume Your Home

If you want to freshen your whole home with essential oil, a vacuum cleaner is one of the best tools.

Put several drops of essential oil on the brush or the vacuum cleaner, and then vacuum your home floors, carpets and stairs completely.

Your floors and carpets will adsorb the essential oil and your home will smell nice and fresh.

7. Prevent a Fire

Dryer fires happen frequently and many of them are caused by lint buildup inside the dryer.

Remove all lint inside the dryer and then use the crevice tool of the vacuum cleaner to suck up any lint trapped inside the vent.

8. Groom Your Pet

If your cat or dog sheds a lot, you may consider vacuuming your pet with the vac, as long as your pet isn't obviously terrified of the hoover.

You can use the crevice tool of the hoover and adjust the hoover into the minimum suction mode. Please don't put the crevice tool completely on your pet. Allow 2 or 5 ft distance between the pet and the vac, so that your cute pet won't be scared away.

Also, if there is still pet fur and pet dander left on your floors and carpets, you can switch to the big roller brush to keep your home hair-free.

9. Dedust Your Furniture

Your shelf, ornament and other furniture may be covered by dust if you don't clean them frequently.

Your vacuum cleaner, born to suck up the dust, is undoubtedly one of the most effective and easiest ways to remove dust on furniture.

Use the soft brush to remove dust on the shelve and large areas, while using the crevice tool to clean the gaps and other awkward corners.

10. Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

Crumbs wedged in your toaster, food parts littering in the microwave, fridge shelves and doors, etc.

You'll always tackle all these messes with a cloth. However, simply a wipe cannot remove all crumbs and food residue completely.

Simply use the crevice tool of the vacuum cleaner to remove those crumbs. Put the vacuum cleaner near the crumbs and set the vac into the minimum suction mode. Now you'll see all the litter is eliminated by your hoover.

11. Clean Your Washing Machine

There would be lint, fluff and hair inside or around your washing machine. Use the vacuum cleaner's brush attachment and you will save yourself on cleaning the fluff and hair by your hands.

Switch to the crevice tool to suck up escaped lint around the filter's cavity or the washing powder spilled around the drawer.

12. Clean Your Computer Keyboard

You may use your computer every day. Now look down at the keyboard. It is probably that dust, spiders, dust mites or pests may hide inside the gaps between the keys.

There might be traces of yesterday's lunch lurking in the keyboard too. Hence, there may be a lot of germs on your keyboard.

Normally, you may clean the keyboard by unplugging the keyboard, turning it upside down and giving a shake. But, you can only clean lint and dirt on the surface. The stubborn dirt cannot be removed with a gentle shake.

Why not just take your crevice tool, turn on the vacuum cleaner and vacuum up the dust and crumbs on your keyboard. You won't realize how dusty and dirty your keyboard is until you see the litter in the dustbin.

13. Remove Dust on Windows & Curtains

You will see there is dust filling up your window screens, window grilles, window frames and window tracks.

A wet cloth can only wipe away part of the dust, but cannot completely dedust your windows.

Your curtains, seemingly looking clean. But when you shake the curtain, you will see a lot of dust.

It is necessary to use the vacuum cleaner for windows to eliminate the curtains, window screens and turn to the crevice tool to remove dirt on window frames, grilles and tracks.

14. Inflate an Air Mattress

If you have an air mattress and the electric or battery-powered pump is broken or lost, use a bagged vacuum cleaner inflate the mattress.

Insert the pipe to the bagged hoover and connect the other end of the pipe to the air mattress. Set the vacuum cleaner to the minimum or the medium suction mode for your personal safety. Now magic happens! The mattress is inflated within seconds!

15. Clean Your Ceiling Fan

A vacuum cleaner with the telescope pipe is an excellent tool for you to reach the ceiling fan.

It is quite troublesome for you to climb high to clean your ceiling fan. Now, with just a lift of the vac, you are able to clean the fan just like a breeze.

Extend the telescope pipe of the vacuum cleaner to the sufficient length so that you can reach the ceiling fan. Turn on the power of the vac and the dust on the fan will be removed instantly.