Vacuum Cleaner for Bed & Mattress: Your Best Way to Remove Dust Mites & Bugs

Vacuum Cleaner for Bed & Mattress: Your Best Way to Remove Dust Mites & Bugs

You'll spend at least 1/3 of your whole life in bed and mattress. That means you will lie on your bed for dozens of years.

You need to vacuum your bed and mattress at least once per week to keep your bed clean and dust-free & mite-free.

That's why we include the best vacuum cleaners for bed and mattress here, helping you clean your bed easily. (The below picks are all-in-one versatile vacuum types, enabling you to clean just every surface.)

Table of Contents:
#1. Best Vacuum Cleaners for Bed
#2. How We Pick the Best Vacuum
#3. Bed/Mattress Vac Cleaner FAQs

#1. Top 2 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Bed at Home

The below recommended all-in-one vacuum cleaners are ideal for removing bed & mattress bugs, mites and dust, as well as sofa, carpet, floors, ceiling or stairs – just every surface in your home and business.

1. Lubluelu 202: Best Premium All-in-One Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Bed & Mattress

This cordless vacuum cleaner comes with 3 attachments – the roller brush, the soft brush and the crevice tool, making it ultra versatile to clean your bed, bed sheets, mattress, sofa, carpet, floors.

Generally speaking, the roller brush is used to clean floor, stairs, carpets, and areas under bed or sofa. The soft brush is designed for removing dust on your bed, mattress, sofa, and car, while the crevice tool is engineered for corners, small gaps & crevices.

Instead of looking for the bed vacuum cleaner only, like the steam vacuum, UV vacuum, you'd better go for an all-in-one versatile dust sweeper for whole home cleaning.

With the 4-layer HEPA filtration, this vacuum cleaner is able to pick up just every dirt on your bed, regardless pet fur/dander, dust, dust mites, bugs, long human hair, scabies, etc.

The rechargeable vacuum cleaner is wire-free so you don't need to plug it into an outlet for power supply. All you need to do is putting on the ideal attachment to the motor and turning on the power button for instant cleaning.

Cables are troubles. Hence, more and more vacuum cleaner makers have removed cables and only create cord-free vacuums for easy cleaning.

2. Lubluelu 008: Best Budget Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner for Bed Sheet, Mattress & Sofa

This upright vacuum cleaner is lightweight and small for cleaning your bed, mattress and sofa. Same as 202, Lubluelu 008 also comes with 3 attachments for different surfacing cleaning.

Turn this stick carpet vacuum into a handheld vacuum cleaner for bed & mattress cleaning by linking the soft brush to the motor.

Equipped with 15,000 Pa suction and 5-layer true HEPA filtration system, this powerful and portable vacuum cleaner can suck up almost everything, from dust mites to human hair or pet fur, from dust to bugs on mattress cover. The mini size enables you to take this battery vacuum cleaner from upstairs to stairs without losing your breath – even an elderly can clean beds effortlessly with this sweeper.

Check the below video for the full review on this vacuum cleaner for bed and mattress.

#2. How We Pick the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Bed & Sofa

We don't pick vacuum cleaners randomly. We select the best bed vacuum cleaners on purpose. Keep reading the below buying guide and choose the best vac together.

Cordless design: Just like we don't use wire telephones now, it's time to say goodbye to corded vacuum cleaners, and switch to 100% cordless vacuums. The first point we evaluate a vacuum cleaner is "cordless".

Cord-free sweepers will dominate the market in the next 10 years and corded vacs will slowly retire. That's why we should keep up to date when choosing the best vac for your bed and mattress.

The suction power: Only vacuum cleaners with powerful suction ability can suck up the stubborn dust or bugs on your bed. We recommend purchasing vacuum cleaners with over 15,000 Pa suction power so that you are able to remove just every dirt and dust on your bed & mattress sheet.

The HEPA filtration: Buy vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter only, since this type of sweepers is capable of catching those ultrafine dust mites without leaking into the air. No matter how many layers a vacuum cleaner claims to have, the core in the filtration system is the replaceable HEPA filter, as only HEPA filters are able to filter those extremely small & invisible dust and bugs. Do change the HEPA filter every 6-8 months for the best dust removal efficiency.

Versatile attachments: It is wasteful if one vac only deals with one cleaning task – that's why we recommend you choosing a vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments, in order to clean just every area and every surface, on the mattress & sofa, under the bed and sofa, crevices, hardwood floors, carpets, ceilings, windows, curtains – just every area in your home and office room.

Adjustable height: One vacuum should meet different height of you and your families and be able to reach any hard-to-reach areas & corners. A vacuum cleaner with automatic height adjustment enables you to adjust the length of the vacuum to meet your family members' height and clean the ceilings easily without riding on the ladder.

#3. Bed/Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQ list will answer questions you may have when you are on the way to buy the best vacuum cleaner for your bed and mattress.

Q1. Can you use vacuum cleaner on bed?

Yes, it is a good idea to use vacuum cleaner on bed to remove dust mites, bed bugs, hair and all dirt. Do install the soft brush to the main motor of the vacuum when you clean your bed sheet/cover or mattress. It is advised to clean your bed once a week. If you are busy, at least vacuum your mattress and bed once a month.

Q2. Is a bed vacuum worth it?

A bed vacuum is ONLY capable of cleaning bed is not worth it. A vacuum cleaner that is able to tackle just every cleaning task worth it.

Always get a vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments for your bed as well as for your whole house cleaning without buying different vacuums for various surfaces.

Q3. How do I get rid of dust mites and bugs in my bed?

To get rid of dust mites on your bed, do change your bed sheet once per week and vacuum your bed and mattress once a week. This will keep your bed dust-free. Besides, keeping your dogs and cats away from your bed will limit the growth of dust mites, since pet fur and dander are one of the common breeding grounds of dust mites and bugs.

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