Best Robotic Vacuum for Carpet: Buying Guide & Top Pick

Best Robotic Vacuum for Carpet: Buying Guide & Top Pick

If your home is mostly carpeted or covered by rugs, you need to clean it regularly. Carpets and rugs tend to be full of allergens, including dust, pet hair, pollen, and dust mites.

Cleaning the carpet is a daunting chore. You may need a robotic vacuum that works well on carpeted floors, saving your time and effort. If you are looking for the best robotic vacuum for carpet, keep reading this post.

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1. Do robot vacuums work on carpet

2. Factors to consider when buying a robot for carpet

3. Best robotic vacuum for carpet: Lubluelu SG60

Do Robot Vacuum Work on Carpet

Whether or not a robot vacuum cleaner will work well on carpet depends on two main factors: the suction power of the vacuum and the type of the carpets.

If the suction power of a robot is too low, it will not be able to pull debris that hides behind the carpet fibers from the deep.

In addition, most robot vacuums work well on low and medium-pile carpets, but they may fail on thick carpets. Wheels and brushes may get stuck in thick carpets.

If you want the robot vacuum to do a whole-home cleaning, and the floor of your home is a combination of carpet and hardwood or tile, the robot device may have trouble getting from bare floors to the carpet. The brushes may get tangled with the edges or fringe of the rug, and you need to save it manually.

Therefore, there are several things you need to consider when looking for a robot vacuum for carpet cleaning.

What to Consider When Buying a Robot Vacuum for Carpet

Not all robot vacuums perform well on carpets. There are several things you should keep in mind when choosing the best robot vacuum for carpets and rugs.

Suction Power

It is the most important thing when purchasing a robot vacuum carpet cleaner. If a robot vacuum does not produce enough powerful suction, it will not be able to clean deep into the carpet. A lot of dirt will be left on the carpet. Cleaning devices with low suction power don’t work in thick and high-pile carpets.

Hint: Read this blog to learn more about high suction power vacuum cleaner.

Smart Sensor

A typical home has a combination of carpet and bare floors. As the robot vacuum moves from bare floors to carpet, the power suction needs to be adjusted to clean the carpeted floors more effectively.

Robotic vacuum with sensors can detect different types of floors and adjust suction power automatically. Besides, anti-collision sensors and anti-fall sensors are used to prevent the device from hitting furniture or falling down stairs.

Smart Control

To get a true hand-free cleaning experience, smart control is also an important factor. By choosing a robot vacuum that supports app control or remote control, you can have the robot clean specific rooms or areas, or make multiple round trips to carpeted areas, without having to do it manually.

Battery Life

Considering battery life is important if you don't want your robot vacuum to suddenly run out of power while cleaning your home.

Cleaning carpets usually requires higher suction power and longer time, which also consumes more power. A device with a high-quality battery can guarantee more than an hour of runtime.

If you live in a large house with large carpeted areas, you need to get a model with a longer runtime, at least 2 hours.


Carpets are usually a relaxing area for people. A noisy robot vacuum is not preferred. The noise level is measured in decibels. The lower the decibel, the quieter the robot is.

Before buying, check the product's details page carefully to know its noise level and avoid buying a device that would disturb the peace and quiet of your home. Click here to get more about quiet vacuum cleaner.


A robot vacuum cleaner should be able to reach every angle. Small size allows it to access the carpeted areas under tables and chairs for overall cleaning.

Best Smart Powerful Robot Vacuum for Carpets: Lubluelu SG60

The Lubluelu SG60 is the top-of-the-line robotic vacuum for carpet in gyroscopic robots. Its gyroscopic navigation allows it to clean your home in a precise zig-zag way, not missing any areas and leaving any dust behind.

This robot vacuum cleaner does a great job of handling debris on both hard floors and carpets. The large drive wheels allow it to easily climb up thick carpets, up to a maximum height of 0.7 inches.

Its surface detection system enables it to identify the type of floors and automatically adjusts the suction power. When it moves from hard floor to carpet, it will automatically increase the suction power to "strong" mode, up to 2,700 Pa.

It is the best robotic vacuum for pet hair, offering excellent performance in handling pet hair on low-pile and medium-pile carpets. You can easily remove the roller brush and side brushes to remove any tangled carpet fibers and pet hair.

The robot can run for up to 130 minutes, giving it more than enough time to clean large carpeted areas.

The vacuum is thin with its 2.99 inch slim body, freely wandering under furniture and getting rid of any possible tangled hazards like power cords and carpet fringe.

Watch the video below for more features of this best robotic vacuum for carpet.

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